Correct Spelling of Feedonomics, (not feednomics, feedinomics, or feedanomics)

Feedonomics is an interesting name for a company that deals with feeds because it is the fusion of “feed” and “economics”. In other words, Feedonomics is really about getting you the best performance to price ratio for your feed needs.

Many people spell Feedonomics incorrectly however, with variations like feednomics, feedinomics, feedanomics abounding.

As our pricing page says:

Feedonomics is the price performance leader. When you consider:

  1. the quality of the feed (that maximizes sales with the most optimized and clean data), with
  2. the time savings to go live on (multiple) channels, and
  3. the reduced time to clean and optimize some of the dirtiest data from multiple disparate systems, with
  4. the built-in full-service support