Brace Yourself: Google Can Now Make Changes to Your Ad Campaigns

Take heed advertising agencies and retailers – essentially one week from now, Google’s team of Ads Experts will start to make changes to some advertiser campaigns! These experts can make updates to your campaigns using recommendations from Google’s data. If your company or agency would like to have control over these changes, here’s what you’ll need to know.

  • Opt-In is the default. You need to manually opt out of this update. If you don’t, then Google can automatically start changing your campaign. If you don’t opt out, advertisers will be added to the program seven days following the receipt of the email.
  • What will the Google Ads Experts change? They will identify key changes, restructure your ad groups and modify your keywords to adjust your bids and update ad text.
  • Google Experts are here to help. They will offer setup and ongoing activation of advanced features to ensure that the right features are being activated at the right moment.

Why? Google wants to focus on your campaigns so that you can focus on your business. In this way, agencies and consultants can spend more time on strategy and less time on executing these types of ad tasks.

There’s mixed feelings in the industry about this approach because it gives Google the opportunity to make unrequested changes to campaigns. I recommend that you check your inbox religiously so that you don’t miss emails from Google. If you do not opt-out, unwarranted changes to your ad campaign could be made.