5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Feedonomics

There is no light without darkness, no yin without yang. There are many reasons why you should use Feedonomics, and at least five reasons why you shouldn’t. Though they are hard to accept, we must acknowledge these reasons to develop a full understanding of ourselves and evolve into something greater. 

You should not use Feedonomics if…

1. You need to supply all your chickens with grain.

Yes, our company name is Feedonomics; no, we do not sell feed for livestock. We are in the business of data feed management, which means our team optimizes your digital product catalog and syndicates it to all sorts of ecommerce channels, such as Google Shopping, Facebook, and Amazon. So please don’t have a cow when we say that we cannot help you feed all your horses, goats, and chickens. 

On the other hand, if you are a grain supplier trying to list all your products online so more customers can find them, we would be happier than a pig in mud to help.

2. You’ve built an identity around the struggle.

What’s more fun than complaining about bad customer service, broken technology, and spreadsheets? Nothing! Nothing at all! Maybe you find a sense of purpose in manual troubleshooting or enjoy the opportunity to dance to the somber music while on hold with tech support. If this is your way of life, then you might have a hard time accepting that a better way is possible. 

You just might not be ready to reshape your identity into a person who gets a lot done without much grief. But when you are ready, our dedicated feed managers are here with their arms outstretched, ready to pull you out of the pit and into the light. 

Did we mention that we’re a full-service solution? Our 24/7 support team waits in joyful anticipation of your latest feed request. All you have to do is tell us what you want, and we handle the rest. Yes, really. No more banging on the keyboard, no more reformatting catalogs with thousands of SKUs, no more—hey, um… you’re hyperventilating. It’s going to be OK. Another way is possible.

3. You’re trying to destroy your company from within.

Listen up, all you moles, double agents, and Benedict Arnolds. We know how it goes. You left home at a formative age with the stars in your eyes, determined to start a new life and escape the primordial family feud that has haunted your ancestors for generations. 

You managed to insulate yourself with the trappings of domestic tranquility—a dog, a family, a Keurig—and even changed your name to cut ties with the unending cycle of transgression and vengeance that has consumed the minds of your kin. All was well. In fact, a cousin even informed you that a truce had been brokered between families. Or so you thought. 

Unfortunately, a surprise betrayal and the near-annihilation of your lineage thrust you firmly back into the line of duty, with no one left to carry your family’s banner except you. After several plastic surgeries and pretty decent internships, you’ve infiltrated your rival’s family business as an ecommerce manager, and you’re looking to tank the brand from within. 

We won’t judge you, but we suggest you don’t enlist Feedonomics as your product listing partner or channel manager. Our data protection systems send alerts and even stop exports when you do something screwy, like changing all the company’s prices to zero or deleting half its inventory. Our onboarding team also makes proactive suggestions to improve your product feed, so if you’re purposely creating really bad product listings, that could complicate things for you.

It’s nothing personal, we just don’t think your undercover mission of destroying the business will go well if you use Feedonomics. On the other hand, what if you entrenched yourself even further behind enemy lines by doing a great job and leading the company to ecommerce nirvana, only to betray your team at the last possible minute? Maybe you should play the long game. We can help with that. 

Also, you should try switching all the office coffee for decaf and see what happens. 

4. You don’t want to keep what you earn.

Look, we tried to get really creative with the other ones, so you’ll have to give us a pass here. You knew there would be something like, “You hate money” or “You hate success” on this list, right?

Well, did you know that other feed companies (one of them might rhyme with “Flannel Reviser”) charge a percentage of revenue when using their services? That doesn’t seem fair. If you take your business somewhere to receive a service, you shouldn’t be penalized for your success. 

What if every time you went to the bakery for a dozen doughnuts, the baker took one glazed twist out of the box and told you that he earned it through sweat, flour, and heat?

At Feedonomics, your business is your business. Our business is full-service feed management, and our goal is to enable you to devote more time and resources to all the other facets of running your business. We’re not going to take a cut of that when you succeed. 

5. You haven’t booked a demo.

If you don’t know how Feedonomics addresses your specific needs for multichannel feed management, then you shouldn’t use Feedonomics! 

We don’t believe that all companies are a good fit, and that’s OK. Ecommerce growth happens in stages, and every brand, retailer, and agency is different. 

If you’re managing a high volume of SKUs, need to combine complex data from a variety of sources, or you want to expand to more channels in a scalable manner, then we’re probably a good fit. 

But please don’t make business decisions based on this blog. 

Book a demo, and let’s have a real conversation about your ecommerce business and goals.