Bing Shopping Feed Management

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Bing Shopping is a great feed based channel to advertise your products. The mechanics are exactly the same as with Google Shopping Feed Management, with more attractive image based ads over the traditional text ads.



As Windows 10 grows in popularity, and comes with the default Edge browser, Bing is becoming the primary search engine for tens of millions of users.


How to start using Bing Shopping

The first step to getting onto Bing Shopping is to verify your store URL. This is relatively easy and can be done through Bing Webmaster Tools. You can verify your website by placing an HTML tag or uploading a file to your website.

Next you can go to the Bing Merchant Center through Bing Ads, and create a store. Lastly you can upload your feed after creating a new “catalog”. You should be sure to optimize the feed (read more about Bing Shopping optimization below!)


How to create Bing Shopping campaigns

This part of the process will take place in Bing Ads, where you have several options. You can either create the campaigns from scratch, or you can import your Google Shopping campaigns. You basically have to associate the store catalog you created with the earlier step with a particular campaign.


Bing Shopping Required Feed Fields

For the most part, the fields required for Bing Shopping are the same as for Google Shopping, with a few minor differences. The following Google Shopping fields are not used by Bing:















For the most part, these fields aren’t vital for your Bing Shopping feed, however there are some cases where you might be selling products by a particular unit, like 3 packs, where this will make a difference.


Countries that are supported by Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping works in the US, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia for desktop and tablet, but for mobile only in the US.

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