Microsoft Shopping Feed Management

Showcase your products and attract more customers with Microsoft Product Ads. As a Microsoft partner, Feedonomics can help you manage and optimize your shopping feeds to grow your eCommerce sales.

Microsoft shopping ads management

Why Sell Your Products On Bing?

Microsoft is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world and is the default search service in nearly all new computers sold today. With a massive 37% of the market share in the US alone, you don’t want to miss out on this incredible audience.


The Standard

New computers come with Microsoft Edge pre-installed and Bing is the default search engine.


New computers come with Microsoft Edge pre-installed and Bing is the default search engine.



20% of all user search are made across multi-devices and 33% of all search on PCs are done via Microsoft.


2/3 of Microsoft users have graduated from college and 1/3 has a household income of over $85k


Microsoft search network users spend 37% more time online than any other network


22% YOY growth on mobile devices and over 5.9 billion monthly searches

What differentiates Microsoft from other online ad networks?

bing feed shopping ad listing

124 million unique monthly searches

bing shopping feed

A trusted name everyone knows

microsoft ads catalog feed for advertisers

World class service covering every corner of the globe

Microsoft ads shopping feed solutions

Reach your customers on their retail journey with Microsoft products ads

Easily connect your product data from Shopify, Magento, Netsuite, BigCommerce, and other ecommerce platforms to Microsoft Shopping with Feedonomics.

Challenges when listing products on Microsoft Ad Network

Exporting Data

Exporting your products from your website and sending them to Microsoft Merchant Center in the correct format.


Managing a large inventory of products, optimizing, monitoring and actioning the results.

Improving Performance

Ensuring that your products are served without errors while constantly optimizing the performance.


Making sure that you are not advertising products that are out of stock so that you don’t waste ad spend.

Microsoft merchant center

The Feedonomics Solution

Digital agencies and brands can substantially reduce their operational overhead while significantly improving performance, simply by having Feedonomics manage their Microsoft product listings. As an approved Microsoft Partner, Feedonomics can:

Microsoft shopping  ad management - Feedonomics platform

Pull data

Pull product data from any website, shopping platform, or feed file and send it to Microsoft in the correct format.


Optimize, monitor, and action the results on a large inventory of products.


Perform advanced feed management: conduct A/B testing, and apply custom labels to view return profit metrics on a per SKU level.


Set alerts so you are notified of any listing errors or disapprovals.


We do the hard work for you. Get access to our dedicated world-wide support, available 24/7.

A/B Split Testing

Have you ever wondered if your ad performance will improve by simply placing your brand name first, or at the end of a product title? Which product image will yield better results?

Split Tests

Titles – Find out which titles perform better. For example, adding the brand name at the beginning versus the end of a product title.

Images – Test different images to see which one performs better.

Promotional wording – Test which wording entices more ad clicks. For example, “Summer Sale” v “20% off Sale.”

Actionable Data

Get actionable data from performing split testing and using FeedTelligence™, our new feature that enables you to gain insights from real world search data. 

Split testing Bing shopping ads


FeedTelligence™ allows you to see the actual phrases people are entering into Bing search to find your products. Use this actionable data to improve your campaign’s performance. Check out our Department Store Case Study.

Bing shopping search term report

Find Missing Keywords

  • See what keywords are missing in your titles
  • Visualize results on a per SKU basis
  • Revenue metrics included

Real World Case Study

Using FeedTelligence™, we identified missing converted search terms and added them to product titles. Impression Share skyrocketed by over 200% with a 117% increase in Revenue.


Find out why the world’s most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics.

Check out our success stories

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Barney’s New York

Find out how Impression Share skyrocketed by over 200% with a 117% increase in Revenue.

Microsoft merchant center case study


Find out how our agency partners Subaru campaign generated over $1 million in sales within 4 months.

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Find out how ROAS increased 184% on shopping campaigns after converting 29 feeds from a legacy feed platform.