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GiftAdvisor and uGiftideas Feed Specifications

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Ready to reach a whole new audience? Let us help you get your products listed on GiftAdvisor and uGiftideas.

About GiftAdvisor and uGiftideas

GiftAdvisor.com is a curated marketplace and recommendation platform for gift ideas. Our recommendation engine is uniquely designed and optimized to help people find the perfect gift for all occasions and recipients.

For retailers, we connect your brand to millions of active gift shoppers. With our pay-for-performance pricing model, you only pay for pre-qualified leads that we send to your website. There is no cost for impressions. Our recommendation engine continually optimizes your product ranking based on several factors including conversions to ensure your lead quality is constantly improved.

Whether you are a major retail chain or someone launching a product from your garage, if you have a unique product, we would love to work with you.

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Required GiftAdvisor Fields with description of each

Field NameDescription
prod_idThe ID you assign to the product. This should be unique and consistent between feed updates.
titleTitle of the product. Please do not include any promotional text such as “Free shipping”, and do not use BLOCK CAPITALS.
descriptionDetailed product description. Only plain text is allowed. Please do not include any HTML, Javascript, promotional text such as “Free shipping”, and do not use BLOCK CAPITALS.
priceProduct price as listed on merchant website. Price in US dollars. Do not include dollar sign ($) or any other symbols. Only 2 decimal places are allowed.
product_urlURL on your website containing the product detail and buy button for the applicable product.
image_urlURL to the item’s largest image. We will download this image, resize as needed once and host it on our servers.
stockPlease denote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to show if the product is in stock.

Optional GiftAdvisor Feed Fields

The following GIftAdvisor fields are optional, but will help from an optimization and relevancy perspective.

Field NameDescription
promotionAny promotional offer related to the product.
free_shippingPlease denote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to show if the product is shipped for free without any other conditions (i.e. do not mark this field ‘yes’ if the product price is $25 and free shipping is available only for purchases over $35)
handmadePlease denote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to indicate if the product is handmade.
personalizedPlease denote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to indicate whether the product can be personalized.

We strongly recommended that age ranges are included for data feeds that include toys, apparel, jewelry and sporting goods in the # – # (years or months) format. E.g.

1. 2-5 years (for product suitable for kids between 2 and 5 year olds.

2. 16 years (for products suitable only for 16 year olds)

What formats does GiftAdvisor accept?

GiftAdvisor only accepts CSV formatted fields

How to send your GiftAdvisor feed?

You can send your GiftAdvisor feed via FTP or upload OR via URL

Other GiftAdvisor Feed Notes

To list your products on uGiftIdeas.com and GiftAdvisor.com, you will have to provide your product

listing in a data feed file. This document contains information that you will need to properly format,

deliver and update your data feed file to ensure your product listings display accurately on these


Basic Data Feed Requirements

The following section outlines the basic requirements for data feed files:

  1. Acceptable text Format: US ASCII
  2. Acceptable file formats: CSV
  3. A column header row must be included on the first line of your feed and reflect the content within the column. Column order must remain consistent for all updates.
  4. All lines in your data feed should contain the same number of columns.
  5. If you would like to leave certain optional fields empty for some products, just leave that column blank.
  6. All data should be enclosed within quotation marks (“). The quote character (“) itself should be repeated. For example, the data <42″ Shirt> should be entered as “42”” Shirt”.

The following characters are forbidden in your data feed files.

  1. Smart quotes, carriage returns, or new line characters
  2. HTML tags and comments

Feed Delivery Requirements

The following section outlines the delivery requirements for data feed files:

  1. File name should remain consistent for all updates. (e.g. Merchantname-ugiftideas.csv). Do not include the date or space in your file name.
  2. File name cannot contain spaces or symbols.
  3. After you create your merchant account, we will email you instructions to upload your data feed file. After you upload your first data feed file, we will review it and complete the final set-up of your account. We will notify you when your products are ready for our merchandisers to review, or if there were any problems with the feed.
  4. Once this initial feed has been approved and uploaded, you can regularly upload your updated data feed. We will update all FTP feeds daily.

Feed Updates

The following section outlines the requirements for data feed file updates:

  1. Updates are full-file updates. Do not send incremental/changes-only/delta feeds. Replace the previous feed by overwriting the file.
  2. We do not display ‘used’ or ‘refurbished’ products. Please ensure your data feed only contains ‘new’ products.
  3. We will download data feed files once per day.
  4. To remove certain products from uGiftIdeas.com and GiftAdvisor.com, simply remove them from the data feed file or set stock=’no’. Our copy of the products will be set to “disabled”. If you re-add these products in the future, they will be re-activated.
  5. To add products to uGiftIdeas.com and GiftAdvisor.com, add them to your existing data feed. In addition, let your account manager know that you have added new products so we can categorize them appropriately.
  6. To change an item’s description, price, availability, etc. simply change the appropriate data field in your feed.
  7. If you need to change the format for your feed (adding/deleting columns, changing delimiters, etc.), you MUST contact your account manager.
  8. Every time your FTP feed is updated, the following fields are updated with the latest values:
    • title
    • description
    • price
    • product_url
    • stock
    • promotion
    • free_shipping
  9. If you would like another field updated manually – please contact your account manager.

Nashua, New Hampshire

Year founded


Ready to reach a whole new audience? Let us help you get your products listed on GiftAdvisor and uGiftideas.

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