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AmmoSeek Feed Specifications

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Optimize your AmmoSeek ads for best results

To advertise on AmmoSeek, it’s important to follow best practices and build your product feed according to the search engine’s data specifications. But don’t stop there. Optimize your product listings to make them search relevant and more likely to convert, and keep your prices and product availability up-to-date in order to get the most out of your AmmoSeek ads.

At Feedonomics, our feed specialists build optimized product feeds for AmmoSeek and schedule exports to sync automatically. Read on to learn more about getting started with AmmoSeek, and book a demo to see how Feedonomic can help your business.

About AmmoSeek

AmmoSeek is a search engine to help gun owners find in stock ammunition, guns, magazines and reloading components at the best prices online.

How to send your product feed to AmmoSeek

You can sign up with AmmoSeek by completing this registration form available here:


Required AmmoSeek feed fields with a description

Field NameShort Description
Product typeAmmunition, guns, bullets, brass, primers, powder, magazines or miscellaneous.
Product title/descriptionFull title plus description of the product. Max 160 characters.
Product URLLink to the product page on the website.
Product priceFull price of the product.
CaliberRequired for ammunition, bullets and brass. Can be a separate field or included in the product title field. Include diameter.
Product countNumber of rounds, units, etc. at the given price.
Purchase limitInclude for ammunition, if applicable.
CasingWhat casing material is used, if not brass. Required for ammunition.
ConditionNew, used, etc.
UPC/MPNUniversal product code or Manufacturer part/product number. Include if possible, or add to title field.
Product categoryRequired for guns, e.g. shotgun, rifle, handgun, etc.

Optional AmmoSeek feed fields with a description of each field

AmmoSeek product feeds can include fields tailored towards the requirements of individual stores, e.g product availability, product size, manufacturer, etc.

What formats does AmmoSeek accept?

Feeds should be sent as an XML file.

How to send your feed to AmmoSeek

The XML feed should be left in a URL on a web server where it can be accessed at any time. Feeds should either be live or updated every 5 minutes.

Need help in optimizing your feed and getting it to AmmoSeek? We can help, feel free to contact us.

Monthly visitors

Berryville, Virginia

Year founded

Ready to reach a whole new audience? Let us help you get your products listed on AmmoSeek.

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