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Tinuiti manages millions of SKUs in Feedonomics with thousands of optimization rules. After transitioning to Feedonomics, Tinuiti increased a client’s revenue by 44% and ROAS by 69%.

Client Overview

Tinuiti is a pioneer in the Shopping space and the #4 spender in the industry working with some of the largest retailers in the world.

Tinuiti’s Shopping & Feed team consists of a tenured team of 25+ experts located across the US.

The Challenge

As an in-house agency, Tinuiti needed a robust solution to help optimize and syndicate its clients’ eCommerce product data to dozens of different search, affiliate, social, and marketplace channels.

As an industry-leading agency, Tinuiti needed to transition millions of products from a legacy feed platform, get trained on Feedonomics, and set up cutting-edge technology like Feed Alerts.

The Feedonomics Solution

“Using Feedonomics to clean up, enhance and optimize client data feeds has been one of the most important factors to help our team scale clients’ marketing campaigns. We manage millions of SKUs in the platform and have thousands of rules set up to optimize our clients’ data.”

“We manage millions of SKUs in the platform and have thousands of rules set up to optimize our clients’ data.”

“Our team loves that, in addition to Google, we can easily set up data feeds for Bing, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, affiliates and pretty much any other publisher that requires a feed. We have also been very excited by the ability to run order management solutions and marketplace feeds through Feedonomics.”

Mike Wojciechowski
Senior Director, Shopping & Feed

The Results

Large Brand Selling Beauty Products


Increase in Revenue


Increase In Return On Ad Spend

Well-Known Apparel Brand


Increase in Revenue


Decrease in Cost Per Click

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Tinuiti, offering solutions to their challenges and giving them dedicated support and cutting-edge tools to help drive the best possible performance for their clients.”

– Brian Roizen, Cofounder and Chief Architect – Feedonomics

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