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Houzz is one of the largest remodeling and home improvement marketplace and discussion board site. Boasting over 40 million users, Houzz is a great marketplace channel to reach with your product feed. 





Can you sell your products on Houzz, and is it possible to bulk upload a feed?

Turns out the answer is a happy yes, you can definitely create a bulk feed of your products.

There are several options to getting your product feed to Houzz, and it depends if you want to do it manually as a one-time upload, or automatically so as you add new products, they are automatically added to Houzz.

What does the Houzz Feed Look like?

To get to the product feed section on Houzz, go to Products > Upload Product Feed.



If you take a look at the bulk upload Houzz template file, you’ll see it has quite a few fields that are different than the fields you would need for a Google Shopping feed management for example.

Houzz also has a unique Houzz category taxonomy, that has over a thousand different categories, but you can also use Amazon categories. We actually recommend using the Houzz categories for relevancy reasons – it’s important to make sure that you always provide the most detailed categories possible.

How do you start selling your products on Houzz? 
You can sign up here for free: https://www.houzz.com/signup


What are Houzz marketplace fees for selling products?

Houzz charges a 15% fee for all products sold on Houzz.

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