Walmart Updates Their Failed Delivery Policy

Walmart is rolling out a new Failed Delivery policy for sellers. It will be effective August 5, 2018.

Under this new policy, Walmart processes adjustments for products that are lost in delivery, undeliverable, or if the product cannot be tracked due to invalid tracking. Walmart does not require the customer to return these products.

The adjustments show up in your Payment Details report and email alerts are sent to the customer service address you provide in your account.

Orders can be refunded if the item is damaged, customer refuses delivery, item is lost in transit, or any other issue that would make the item undeliverable.

If you want to dispute one of Walmart’s adjustments, you need to create a case through the Seller Center within 90 days of the adjustment date.

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These adjustments will also impact your Seller Performance rating. Providing valid tracking information and delivering items on time are two metrics that will directly impact your rating.

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