Polyvore is closing down

Recently we were notified that Polyvore would be closing, the brand that many have loved for the past 11 years have been acquired by the international online luxury fashion store SSENSE. The existing Polyvore community has already been transferred to the SSENSE platform.

Starting from April the 5th, 2018, the Polyvore website will be discontinued and all online apps will no longer be supported.

If you were selling products on Polyvore please make sure to download your content. To download please go to Polyvore Update (you have until May the 10th, 2018).

If you do not opt out, your information will be shared with SSENSE who will reach out to you. You have the option to opt out of this sharing of data up until the 15th May 2018. I suggest going and registering on SSENSE to see if they are a suitable option for your product line. Register for their newsletter and get updated on the transition between platforms.

Change can be hard; however, we are excited to see what SSENSE can offer.
There are many other advertising channels and marketplaces that are great for Fashion and Apparel brands and retailers. Feel free to reach out and learn more!