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Marketing automation has made great strides in recent years. Tedious tasks have been replaced with dynamic insertion, and campaign analytics that would take hours to compile can now be pulled with the click of a button. Automation helps digital marketers save time and boost efficiency. According to a study from Oracle, once marketing automation is implemented, marketers see conversions increase by 75%.

Why is marketing automation so important?

A manual approach to marketing isn’t enough to keep up with the constant ebb and flow of the current digital marketing world. Marketers should embrace automation and use it to complement their existing strategies.

Ready to supercharge your campaigns? Here are four ways you can boost performance with automation.

1. Automate your email marketing

Whether you’re queuing up a monthly newsletter or notifying your customers of a sale, integrating automation into your email campaign strategy saves time and results in better sales performance.

Abandoned cart email notifications

The average cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%, but you can recover some of those lost purchases with automation.

A personalized, abandoned cart notification email can nudge your customers back to your website to complete the sale. To implement this strategy, you need an email service provider that can send an email containing a dynamic content block that adapts to what customers leave in their shopping carts. From here, you can set up triggers that push an email to those customers within 12 to 24 hours after the cart has been abandoned.

Remarketing with nurture campaigns

You can keep your brand top of mind by implementing a nurture email campaign, which sends automated emails to your customers based on specific triggers that you choose. For example, if you send an email highlighting your top-selling products and a customer clicks on product number three, this click triggers an additional email (sent a week later) highlighting a case study or customer testimonial praising the effectiveness of that product. Nurtured leads have a 23% shorter sales cycle, making automated nurture campaigns a valuable part of a digital marketing strategy.

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2. Take advantage of “smart campaigns”

As mentioned previously, manual processes cannot keep up with the constant flow of campaign data that marketers receive on a daily (or even hourly) basis. Instead, utilizing optimization tools and “smart campaigns” that identify and apply performance improvements should be an integral part of a digital marketer’s strategy.

Automation with Google Ads

Google has made it easier for digital marketers to optimize campaign performance. Gone are the days of manually building keyword lists or painstakingly adjusting keyword bids. Thanks to dynamic campaigns and smart bidding, marketers can focus on strategy and growth instead of CSV files filled with thousands of rows of data. 

For example, Discovery+ used Google’s Performance Max campaigns to promote the streaming platform, and the automation unlocked new audience trends. Thanks to the campaign,  Discovery’s cost of acquisition decreased by 21%, and incremental subscriptions increased by 17%.

3. Embrace dynamic social ads

Customers are looking for seamless experiences, and brands can embrace this through dynamic social ads. A recent study from Fullscreen found that younger generations are more receptive to branded content, and when you add an element of personalization, you significantly increase your chances of conversion. 

A dynamic ad is an advertisement automatically generated according to an individual customer’s data or behavior. When social media users scroll through their feeds and happen upon your dynamic ads, they are shown products that are more relevant to their interests. Instead of creating hundreds of individual ads for each of your products, a dynamic ad campaign creates a relevant product ad curated for each customer.

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4. Utilize marketplace ad automation

Another way brands utilize the effectiveness of automation is by integrating it into their marketplace strategy. Many online marketplaces offer automated marketing campaign solutions that promote products to relevant users. 

eBay’s Promoted Listings allow sellers to set rules for the products they want to promote. Sellers can select items priced within a specific range and category to include in this campaign. When sellers upload new product listings that meet the campaign criteria, they are automatically promoted.

Getting started with marketing automation

Marketing automation may sound like a way for channels to gain more control over your budget, but the reality is that channels have an incentive to help you sell more, and if you don’t take advantage of automated innovations, you might get left behind. 

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