Black Friday eCommerce Tips – Product Marketing Institute, MediaVision, and Monmon Digital

It’s time to start planning your digital marketing campaigns for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from Product Marketing Institute, MediaVision, and Monmon Digital on the best ways to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

To get ready for Black Friday, keep the following in mind:

  • Strong CTAs
  • Nice graphics – people want to see what your product is about, so say it in the graphics when the words tire out readers
  • Have strong promotions in place
  • Give everyone the “so what and why should I rush and buy your product on Black Friday?”

Sana Ahmed – CEO and Founder
The Product Marketing Institute

For Black Friday I always recommend brands to nail down their core messaging and offers as early as possible. Look at what your competition offered the previous year and what special offers you can maximise on for this year. This could be a bundle, a hero item or a new launch that you can tie into the promotion led weekend.

Giving enough time to plan ahead means you can fully integrate your digital marketing. Content, Paid Media, SEO, and Digital PR should work in harmony with each other to reach a wider audience who are in the mindset for spending.

Jodie Harris – Head of Digital PR and Content Marketing 

In order for PPC campaigns to succeed during the Black Friday weekend, I suggest to get ready in advance by reviewing last year’s campaign performance to understand which keywords delivered the best Return on Ad Spend and which ad copies performed better, so you can apply these learnings to your 2019 PPC campaigns.

When it comes to setting up campaigns, make sure that you cover the basics: sitelink, callout and Black Friday specific promotion extensions, make a use countdown ads, your ad copies are updated with correct messaging and correct landing pages, check your remarketing campaign set up, keywords you’re bidding on, don’t forget to add your brand + Black Friday specific keywords. Also, make sure that messaging is consistent across all platforms you’re running ads on: Google and Bing ads, Facebook, Instagram. Set up campaigns and ads in advance, so if for any reason, they get disapproved, you have time to update them before the sale goes live. And of course, it goes without saying – open up the budgets.

Monika Varzinskaite – Freelance Paid Media Specialist
Monmon Digital