Black Friday eCommerce Tips – Havas Media, TurnKey Marketing, and Silverbean
Black Friday eCommerce Tips – Havas Media, TurnKey Marketing, and Silverbean

It’s time to start planning your eCommerce campaign strategy for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from Havas Media, TurnKey Marketing, and Silverbean on the best ways to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

My top tip for Black Fiveday 2019 would be to turn off (or at least limit) your website popups. Last year, Salesforce reported about 68% of website traffic and more than half of transactions came from mobile devices. People are shopping and buying on-the-go on a small screen. When a chatbot blocks half the page or an email signup form interrupts the browsing (especially after arriving onsite via email!) the experience can be ruined and may result in a bounce. As a marketing analyst, I’m the first to want to collect acceptable and compliant data, but not at the expense of a sale during this highly competitive time period!

Lauren Pizzi – Director, Marketing Analytics
Havas Media

Successful Black Friday campaigns have to break through the chaos. So you should start advertising on day 1 – November 1st. Utilize social marketing to drive engagement throughout the whole month. Give away free products and premiums every day leading up to the big SALE. It’s the season of giving so create marketing campaigns with purpose and mission. Work with your favorite charity organization and partner up with other businesses to drive a larger cohesive messaging that sticks. Last but not least, consumers love a good deal so make sure your offer really stands out.

Tsega Worku – Sr. Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
TurnKey Marketing

My top tip focuses around preparation for Black Friday. We always ensure brands are prepared in advance, with a flexible promotion which can be amended depending on performance. We also recommend the use of exclusive additional offers with key promoters or affiliates who can drive additional incremental value. Preparation is key, look at your competitors and be competitive with your offer!

Richie Acheampong – Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager