Agency eCommerce Tips – GoogleShoppingSpecialist, Ovative Group, and Smart Girl Digital

It’s time to start planning your eCommerce online strategy for the holiday season. We’ve collected tips from GoogleShoppingSpecialist, Ovative Group, and Smart Girl Digital on the best ways to prepare for Black Friday and the holidays.

Give your bestsellers a custom label in your feed. Black Friday is always a competitive & busy moment to advertise, but also a chance to make a large volume. Don’t spill any budget and advertise only with a top percentage of your best selling products. Determine them based on the number of sales in combination with the highest margin, the highest level of stock, etc. By giving them a custom label in the feed, you can group them in high priority campaigns in Google Ads

Mark Bakker – Feed & Marketplace Marketing Professional

Ahead of the Black Fiveday weekend, audit your paid search account. Leverage last year’s data to understand and anticipate where you will see peak performance and spend activity, and implement optimizations accordingly. You should also be using the pre-holiday time period to launch new campaigns and product coverage to gain baselines and learnings before the high search demand timeframe. Once holiday hits, make sure you are going through the customer experience on key sales days — click on an ad, go to the site, add-to-cart, place a test order. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure there are no roadblocks to revenue.

Ericka Strickland – Director, Paid Search
Ovative Group

Your email marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to drive revenue and create customer loyalty year-round. Use this Black Friday Weekend to grow your email list and maximize your sales.

Build momentum (and customer relationships) before, during, and after this major shopping weekend by leveraging smart email strategies.

  • Before Black Friday Weekend, create reasons for past customers to come back and buy again with exclusive coupon offers and VIP shopping weekends.
  • During Black Friday Weekend, capture more email addresses by giving an exclusive Black Friday discount for new subscribers. Plus, don’t forget to set up an audience for shoppers who abandon their cart without making a purchase.
  • After Black Friday Weekend, send reminders for key dates and discounts, like “last day to order for on-time delivery.” Follow up with Black Friday shopping cart abandoners. Ask for product reviews based on their purchase history. Lastly, begin planning your email marketing calendar for 2020.

Get a head start by planning, creating, and scheduling your email marketing strategy in advance. This way you are delivering timely messaging throughout the holiday shopping season.

Katie Childers – Founder
Smart Girl Digital