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We can help get your products optimized and listed on Walmart Canada with our full-service feed management platform.

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Why sell your products on Walmart?

Did you know that Walmart Canada’s online marketplace has approximately 14 million unique visitors each month? Canada is an untapped market and represents a great opportunity for merchants to capture market share, while at the same time diversifying from existing channels.


Walmart Canada Marketplace offers massive scale and instant customer reach to 40% Canadians.


More than 100% YoY Sales Growth – Walmart marketplace sales have outpaced the market for the last 2 years.


 If you are looking to grow your brand and expand your reach, then you’ll want to become a Walmart Canada Marketplace seller.


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What differentiates Walmart Canada from other online marketplaces?

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No Fees

Walmart Canada has no monthly membership or listing fees.

Fast Delivery

Quick order delivery, exchanges, and returns (70% are done in store).

Seller Tools

Large investment in advertising, app development, reporting, and analytics. Sellers now have more tools to view and manage their data.

Warehouse Options

Your warehouse does not need to be located in Canada, this allows orders to be sent internationally (Example: US, China)

Challenges when listing on marketplaces

Exporting Data

Extracting data from one or many sources into a dynamic feed file

Importing Data

Sending your product data into Walmart


Managing a large inventory of products, optimizing, monitoring, and actioning the results


Ensuring orders are updated and synced to your online store

The Feedonomics Solution

Digital agencies and brands can substantially reduce their operational overhead while significantly improving performance, simply by having Feedonomics manage their Walmart product listings. Two core elements of our Walmart offering are: product listing and order fulfillment.

Why choose the Feedonomics Automated Marketplace Platform?

Instead of manually uploading products, our platform automates the process, ensuring consistent and optimized product data across all your marketplace channels.

Full-service platform

Let us do all the hard work.

Dedicated global team

24/7 support for your business.

Data governance

Automatic alerts and safeguards to ensure data integrity.

Error resolution

Complex listing errors simplified with an easy to use interface.

Highly scalable

We can process up to 50 Billion product listings per month.

Listing optimization

More relevant, optimized content gets you to the top of search results.

Why choose Feedonomics for Automated Order Fulfillment?

Our intelligent platform will automatically pull orders from each marketplace channel, deliver them to your system, and send your tracking information back to the marketplace in real-time.

Fastest technology in the industry

We’re capable of optimizing millions of products within seconds.

Automate inventory allocation

Prevent overselling and optimize stock levels across all marketplaces.

Maximize your profits

Ensure accurate product availability and prevent advertising spend on out-of-stock products.

Order dashboard

See all of your marketplace orders in one place.

Walmart Canada FAQs

  1.  Complete the online Marketplace Application – you will have to share information about your company and products.
  2. Sign the Retailer Agreement
  3. Fill out your seller profile and link your payment account
  4. Upload your products. During the onboarding process, you will choose an integration method, add your items, and test orders.
  5. Walmart Canada will do a final review of your account and products and then you’ll go live.

Sellers not based in Canada must have a Canadian Business Number (BN) and set-up as a Non-Resident Importer (NRI).

Listed below are some resources to help get you started:

Business Registration Online

Guide to Importing Goods into Canada

Expansion to U.S. Non-Resident Importers (NRI)

Referral fee rates vary by category, ranging from 6-15%. You can find the complete listing here.

Listing your products on various marketplaces like Walmart Canada can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of items. Our powerful feed management platform optimizes your product listings for relevancy, to make sure you show up in product searches.

As an approved Walmart partner, we can also help with automated order management. Our platform will automatically pull orders from each marketplace channel and deliver them to your system in one dashboard. Everything is synced to your online store so that you can efficiently manage Marketplace inventory, preventing overselling, and ensuring accurate product availability.

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“As a team that is always looking to expand, Feedonomics has been critical. When it comes to implementing new marketplaces, the Feedonomics team is always two steps ahead, working on making integration to new technology as seamless as possible for our team.”

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Digital Marketing Manager, Swanson Health

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