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Monetate Feed Specifications


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Year founded


Ready to reach a whole new audience? Let us help you get your products listed on Monetate.

About Monetate

Founded in 2008, Monetate is an American company that has roots in Pennsylvania. Monetate offers high end solutions for ecommerce based companies. Here are the feed specifications to get started working Monetate.

Format Requirements

Default Format

Please note, by default, Monetate configures product feed ingestion for the XML format. Prior to uploading a feed in another format, please contact Monetate Support.

All .CSV feed files should adhere to the following requirements:

  1. A header for each field is required.
  2. Each product entry contains the minimum required fields and a maximum of 14 total fields.
  3. Every entry utilizes double quotes (“) around each field to allow for accurate parsing of data. This is especially important for fields with line breaks, quotation marks, or commas.
  4. A double quote character (“) included in a field must be represented by two double quote characters.
  5. Character encoding must be UTF-8.


product_id, product_name, product_description, category_name

“33435”, “Lounge Chair”, “Chair with lumbar”, “Chairs”

UTF-8 Support

Monetate natively supports UTF-8 characters up to the “Specials” code block. To encode characters beyond this this type, you should use HTML encoding.


Feed Matching

Please note, any information that you include in your product feed must match the values that you collect on-site through the addCartRows(), addPurchaseRows(), addProducts(), and addProductDetails() methods.

FieldRequiredHeader NameSpecificationsExamples
Product IDproduct_id

The Product ID must match what Monetate collects on “Product Detail” and “Search” pages. Monetate determines what is appropriate for product_ids during integration. This is typically not a SKU, but a higher-level identifier that identifies groups of products before further refinement based on size or color.

  • Maximum length of 32 characters
  • Only alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z, or 0-9), forward slash(/), underscore (_), dash(-), and period (.) characters are acceptable.
  • “1135813”
  • “AbZ190-430_mm/89.pid”
Product Nameproduct_nameThe name of the product with a maximum length of 128 characters
  • “Deluxe Stereo Headphones”
  • “Portable Music Player”
  • “Electric Shaving Kit”
Category Name category_name

 Monetate has no pre-determined idea of what categories are meaningful for your products or business and does not restrict your categories in any way. This is used for targeting product categories in experiences.

  • Each category is defined within its own container.
  • Individual “Category Names” have a maximum length of 128 characters.
  • There is no limit on number of categories per product.
  • Multiple names must be separated with pipes (|).
  • “Electronics”
  • “Automotive”
  • “Clothing|Pants|Men’s Pants”
Price price
  •  The current price of the product in decimal format
  • For retail or strikethrough price, use alt_price
  • Monetate does not support pricing beyond active price and alternate price.
  • “33.5011
  • “100.00”
  • “0.50”
Product URL url
  • Full URL to the Product Detail page
  • Should include both the scheme and host portions of the URL
  • “http://www.monetate.com/products/123”
  • “http://www.monetate.com/running shoe.html”
  • “http://www.monetate.com/products/diving_watch.htm”
Product Image URLproduct_image_url
  • Full URL to a product image
  • Should include both the scheme and host portions of the URL
  • “http://www.monetate.com/images/products/123.jpg”
  • “http://www.monetate.com/images/house.png”
  • “http:/www.monetate.com/example.gif”
Product Descriptionproduct_description
  •  A description of the product with a maximum length of 1024 characters
  • Should be plain text only (No HTML)
  •  “A lovely example of modern elegance and style”
  • “Red”
  • ”The latest electronics craze-this stereo is all the rage!”
Alternate Pricealt_price
  • An alternate price for display purposes only
  • Must be in decimal format
  • “33.50”
  • “100.00”
  • “0.50”
Category IDcategory_id
  • Maximum length of 128 characters
  • Only alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z, or 0-9) characters are acceptable.
  • Category id needs to be unique per category name
  • Multiple category IDs must be separated with pipes (|).
  • “1135813”
  • “AbZ190430mm89”
Availability availability
  • Denotes whether an item is in-stock or out-of-stock
  • Out-of-stock ttems will not be present in endcaps.
  • Acceptable values indude “In Stock” and “Out of Stock”
  • Other values such as “Presale” may be used, but they are equivalent to “Out of Stock”
  • “In Stock”
  • “Out of Stock”
  • “Presale”

Category Names and Category IDs

The way that category_name and category_id work together is as follows:

product_id, category_name, category_id

“AA329”, “chair|furniture|wood”, “c1|f3|w99”





Example With Minimum Required Fields

product_id, product_name, category_name, price, url, product_image_url

“33435”, “High Back Lounge Chair”, “chair”, “299.99”

Example With Minimum Required Fields and Optional Fields

product_id, product_name, product_description, category_name, category_id, price, alt_price, url, product_image_url, availability

“33435”, “High Back Lounge Chair”, “Durable chair with added lumbar support and cup holder”, “chair”, “1234”, “299.99”, “280.11”, “In Stock”


Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Year founded


Ready to reach a whole new audience? Let us help you get your products listed on Monetate.

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