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Affilinet Feed Specifications


Ceased Operations
October 1, 2018

Affilinet officially ceased operations on October 1, 2018

About Affilinet

Affilinet is one of Europe’s leading affiliate marketing networks

How to create an Affilinet product feed

If you want to register an account with affilinet, you need to register your interest on their website and a member of the sales team will get in touch with you.


Required Affilinet feed fields

Field NameDescription
Product IDUnique ID for the product, e.g. the article number. Max 50 characters.
Product categoryThis can include categories and sub-categories, e.g. Women>Clothing>Skirts. Max 250 characters.
Product titleName of the product. Max 250 characters.
Product descriptionFull description of the product. Maximum 4500 characters.
Product pricePrice including VAT. Decimals can be used but no currency symbols.
Product image URLLink to the product image on the website, including ‘http:’ or ‘https:’
Product URLLink to the product page on the website, including ‘http:’ or ‘https:’
EANEuropean Article Number, 13 or 14 digits long.
Shipping costFull cost of shipping the product.

Optional Affilinet feed fields

Field NameDescription
Short descriptionShort description of the product, Max 500 characters.
Price prefixAny additional text that should be placed in front of the price. Max 50 characters.
Price suffixAny additional text that should be placed after the price. Max 50 characters.
Old pricePrevious product price including VAT
CurrencyUse 3-letter code, e.g. USD, GBP, EUR
Second product URLLink to second page about product on website.
KeywordsAny keywords relevant to the product
ManufacturerName of manufacturer, e.g. Nestle
BrandName of the brand, e.g. Nespresso
DistributorIf applicable, e.g. books, DVDs
Offer valid fromDate that offer started.
Offer valid untilDate that offer will end.
Shipping prefixAny text that should go in front of shipping amount. Max 25 characters.
Shipping suffixAny text that should go after the shipping amount. Max 50 characters.
Base pricePrice per unit (if mandatory by law)
Base price prefixAny text that should go in front of the base price. Max 25 characters.
Base price suffixAny text that should go after the base price. Max 50 characters.
Efficiency classe.g. A++, A+++, B, etc.
Product availabilityWhether the product is in stock, out of stock, etc.
Delivery timeHow long it will take to get the product delivered.
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number. For books only.
Product sizeSize in measurement or ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’, etc.
GenderIf the product is for men, women, etc.
ColorProduct color

Additional data fields can be added if necessary.

There is an additional dataset for mobile phone advertisers consisting of the following fields (optional unless specified):

Network operator (required)

Phone model

Base fee

Free minutes

Free texts

Contract obligation

Number portability

Contract duration

Starting balance

Clock rate

Charge to land lines

Charge to other networks

Charge to own network

Text charges


Service fee

What formats does Affilinet accept?

Files should ideally be provided in XML or CSV. They will also accept TXT.

How to send your product feed to Affilinet

Affilinet will download the data from a source that you provide (e.g. URL) and will import the information into their database.


Ceased Operations
October 1, 2018

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