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Saving time and reducing revenue risk on accounts with a million-plus SKUs

How Feedonomics enabled a leading industrial product and service solutions provider to focus on feed optimization rather than error resolution
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Customer Challenges

  • Identifying product data issues with limited platform functionality
  • Fixing data errors and making feed updates at scale
  • Spending too much time on feed maintenance

Feedonomics Solutions

  • Offer a user-friendly feed management platform with visibility and control over 33 accounts, all of which contain double-digit feeds and more than one million SKUs
  • Provide integration support and feed expertise on a regular basis
  • Give users the ability to do real-time lookups and preview data

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Meaningful Results

Reduced the risk of
lost revenue
from suspended products on Google Shopping
Improved search relevancy, website traffic, and conversion and bounce rates
Spent 60% to 70% less time on product feed management
Sam Dillon

“If you’re looking for a dedicated feed management solution, then I don’t think there’s anyone else out there who can do what Feedonomics does.”

Sam Dillon, Martech Manager at UK-based company

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