Exciting news from the Feedonomics team! Yasemin Gokcen was recently promoted to Senior Director of Product Operations, where she’ll continue leading our efforts to create innovative technology and platform enhancements that push ecommerce forward. A recent winner of the Tech Innovator Award by Built In, Yasemin has been an integral part of our amazing product team for almost two years.

As someone who is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to where Feedonomics can improve, Yasemin is looking forward to continuing to build the best-in-class team and the best-in-class platform in her new role. Her love of technology and creating the best product for our customers means she’s always searching for new ways to exceed expectations.

Yasemin’s goals are two-fold: create the best platform for merchants to showcase their products across channels, and make it easier for people around the world to find the products they’re looking for.

“One of my favorite Feedonomics principles is ‘Play with Purpose,’” she said. “My purpose is to empower others, whether it’s empowering my teams or empowering people with kick-ass technology.”

At Feedonomics, we pride ourselves on our outstanding people, and Yasemin is a perfect example of the innovative, customer-centric culture we are always striving to achieve. Congrats, Yasemin, and Feed On!