We are very excited to announce that BigCommerce’s Omnichannel Certified Partner Program (OCP) team is now part of the Feedonomics organization. Made up of 13 members, the OCP team is led by Sharon Gee, who has taken on the role of Senior Vice President of Sales and Partnerships at Feedonomics. 

In her new position, Sharon’s goal is to foster a one-team, one-goal strategy that supports a growing partner network and enterprise merchants all over the world. 

As part of the move, Matt Dornfeld has been elevated to Senior Director of Technology Partnerships and Jenna Galardi to Director of Omnichannel Growth. Matt now oversees technology partner acquisition, partner management, and new program development, while Jenna focuses on omnichannel certified agencies, omnichannel consulting, and enablement. The rest of the OCP team works within one of the two groups: tech partnerships and omnichannel growth. 

“Adding a group of supremely talented individuals to our organization is a big win for us, but having the OCP team at the table advocating on behalf of merchants is really game changing for our customers,” said Shawn Lipman, CEO at Feedonomics. “Bringing the OCP team onboard advances our goals of providing flexible solutions for an increasingly agnostic ecommerce world.”

When describing the transition to Feedonomics, Sharon referenced the need to service not only merchants, but also agencies, technology partners, and other SaaS companies. She sees the move as a continuation of an open-commerce strategy where her team enables platform-agnostic customers to grow, with support from the leading feed management provider. 

“We continue to represent the interests of the BigCommerce ecosystem with partners like Google, Amazon, and all of the channel partners that merchants want to connect to,” Sharon said. “It better serves our merchants to do this from a platform-agnostic vantage point. The lift and shift of the omni team under the Feedonomics organization is really a double down on the strategy that enterprise merchants need platform-agnostic solutions. Because regardless of what system of record they’re using, Feedonomics can help support their omnichannel growth strategy.”

The OCP team’s move to Feedonomics comes shortly after BigCommerce announced its new integrations with Amazon’s Buy with Prime and Microsoft Ads and Listings. These offerings speak to the organization’s commitment to accelerate business growth for merchants, and having its partnerships team work even closer with Feedonomics only opens up more of these opportunities for businesses, regardless of what ecommerce platform they use. 

“As we enter a new year, we’re in a market where people need to get even more out of their existing investments than they ever have while they continue to figure out how to future-proof their growth stack,” Sharon said. “Feedonomics aids in that process by seamlessly connecting merchants’ systems of record —that is ecommerce platforms, order management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and more—with growth systems like advertising channels, affiliate networks, marketplaces, and fulfillment providers.” 

To help businesses get the most out of their existing tech stacks, Sharon’s team works with channel partners like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, TikTok, Snap, Meta, Walmart, Target Plus and more to deliver added benefits, such as access to ads credits and discounted service rates, priority application review, white-glove onboarding, and early access to alpha and beta programs. BigCommerce merchants, enterprise merchants on Feedonomics who use other ecommerce platforms, and merchants who decide to work with an OCP agency all have access to these perks. 

“It’s really a win-win-win—merchants grow, our agencies grow, and our tech partners grow,” Sharon said. “If you serve the digital commerce ecosystem and aren’t part of this program, simply put, you’re missing out.”

If you’re interested in an omnichannel consultation to learn how Feedonomics and our Omnichannel Certified Partners can help grow your business, book time with one of our consultants.

If you’re an agency or technology partner interested in learning more about the OCP, apply online.