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The coronavirus pandemic has surfaced a wave of financial and personal suffering unlike anything seen before. The way organizations, industries, and nations react to it will define their viability for decades to come. A “rebound” – however, we defined normalcy before this – is entirely dependent on how we adjust our near-term focus. 

We have seen many examples of genius from cultures and leaders due to their behavior during moments of crisis. Many admired their calm demeanor and ability to execute under pressure, and found comfort in their soft focus on the people most impacted. Now we know that those reactions weren’t momentary PR stunts, they were in fact patterns of behavior that have been built over time. 

This is how we approach our culture, here at Feedonomics.

Culture is a set of learned and unspoken rules that we subconsciously behave by; not a by-product of buzzwords and programming. We talk about this a lot, including a recent All Workplace Summit conversation with our CEO Shawn Lipman.

We seek to “Create a Learning Environment”. Learning, for us, doesn’t mean ingesting a preset curriculum or simply solving a problem. It means uncovering the lesson in every challenge we face and every mistake we make. This is the criteria we use to question all of our processes and people. What is going on in the world right now is a learning moment – we can form and practice better, healthier behaviors and creatively achieve our own version of success.

If you talk to our team members, you’ll also hear the phrase ‘Leave the Jersey in a Better Place’. What this means is we strive to put the perspective of our greater team and society over the perspective of just a few. For example, we are offering month-to-month contracts at discounted rates during the crisis, because anything else wouldn’t make sense for our current and future partners and clients. We are not pretending to know all the answers, but we are practicing patience and understanding in these moments of uncertainty.

There isn’t a roadmap or Q&A session that tells us how to do any of this, but we are collectively adapting our mindsets and subsequent actions to help ourselves and our partners through this difficult time. We’re not dodging difficult conversations. We are celebrating every single small win. That is our culture, and living by it is more important now than ever.

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