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Commerce With Trusted Content (with Yahoo)

Amid the uncertainty in the age of COVID-19, advertisers and brands are grappling with how to engage, connect and communicate with consumers, most of whom are on the internet more than ever before. How will consumer behavior change as the crisis continues and afterwards? How do brands remain top-of-mind during these unusual times? Protecting your brand, keeping consumers aware of your products and forging a presence online is more important than ever before. Yahoo ad solutions offers not only brand protection and innovative ad formats but it also enables advertisers to gain insights and leverage data to understand their audience and react accordingly.

Join us as we delve into how to engage audiences during these unusual times that goes beyond social and beyond search.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Learn how Yahoo can help elevate brands and drive utility for advertisers within trusted, professional editorial environments
  • How to use different ad formats as touchpoints across the entire customer journey from awareness to prospecting to conversion.
  • Learn about the customers you can reach through Yahoo’s ecosystem, which is #2 in the US for unique user reach (news, sports, finance, lifestyle, entertainment)
  • Learn more about next generation content experiences on 5G technology.
  • Get a better understanding of consumer behavior through Yahoo’s 4 trillion cross-screen data points
  • Prepare, optimize and protect your product feeds to be used for different native ad formats and improve performance.

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Our Speakers

David Waltzman, Director of Strategic Partnerships | Feedonomics

David collaborates with partners to build a robust ecosystem for extracting, optimizing, and syndicating product data. He brings years of experience in both cloud and design software. David has managed engineering and sales teams that have enabled clients to reduce time to market while improving product quality. David has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from UCSD, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA as well as an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Grant Kelly, Native Sales Director | Yahoo

Grant Kelly leads commerce solutions for Retail, Tech, and Travel clients at Yahoo. With over 8 years of expertise, he currently advises on digital marketing strategies with a focus on native advertising for brands such as Amazon, Apple, Lyft, Microsoft, TripAdvisor and Norweigan Cruise Lines. Grant has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Minnesota and lives in San Francisco, where he enjoys training and competing in triathlons.