Dominate the Competition with FeedSPI™ - Shopping Price Intelligence

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FeedSPI™ Works Everywhere

See how competitive your products are on channels like Google Shopping and direct competitors

Custom Labels

Create powerful custom labels to automatically reduce bids when your SKUs aren’t competitively priced
Affordable full-service


Create rules to automate repricing for your website


With your competitors’ online prices constantly changing, it becomes increasingly difficult to price your products to win.

  • Are you bidding too much on products that are priced higher than your competitors?
  • Are you bidding too low on products and not even showing up?
  • How do you get insight into repricing your products on your website and marketplaces?

FeedSPI™ Solution

With Feed Shopping Price Intelligence, you get access to competitive pricing data to help you succeed on channels like Google Shopping.

Using FeedSPI™ competitive pricing data combined with Feedonomics custom labels, you can create Adwords bid segmentation for price competitiveness. You can then bid higher when your products are price competitive, and bid less when they are not competitive enough.

This creates highly optimized and efficient bidding strategies, allowing you to increase sales and greatly improve your ROAS.

We can even detect when competitors are violating MAP pricing, selling your trademarked or copywritten products on Google Shopping.

Lastly, you can reprice your products on your website to maximize profitability.

In a Case Study: Implementing FeedSPI™ Achieves a 19.4% ROAS Increase on Google Shopping over a 2 month period.