The most powerful way to optimize and list products on hundreds of channels

Feedonomics unlocks scalable growth by automating product feed optimization, catalog listing, order management, and more

Green and black sneaker product listing and optimizations
Green and black sneaker product listing and optimizations

Don’t let raw data issues and complex systems stop you from expanding your ecommerce business. With its flexible platform, automation technology, and industry-leading AI capabilities, Feedonomics streamlines product feed management from the first import through the latest optimization.

Learn more about the technology driving our full-service solutions for marketplaces, advertising channels, and data aggregation

Feedonomics Platform

Our powerful feed management platform imports product data from anywhere, optimizes large or complex catalogs automatically, and syndicates listings across hundreds of online channels.


Our automated marketplace technology enables merchants to manage order data through their centralized platform, instead of multiple seller portals.


Feedonomics uses revolutionary AI capabilities to automate product categorization with unparalleled accuracy.

Feedonomics Platform

We have engineered the industry’s most powerful platform for data feed management. Take full control of your product data and connect to shoppers on hundreds of channels around the world. Because we offer full-service solutions, you don’t have to do anything in our platform unless you want to. We just want to show off a little.

13 billion SKUs

processed daily

5 million

data transformation rules


import downloads per day

Product listings schedule on Feedonomics platform

Optimize your product listings for every channel

Transform a single data feed into multiple product catalogs that follow the best practices of each destination channel.

Schedule your imports and exports freely

Update your product data throughout the day to keep your listings accurate and prices competitive.

Simplify multichannel feed management

Reach a wide network of advertising and marketplace channels in more than 60 countries through a single connection with Feedonomics.

Compatible with your existing platforms and systems

Take advantage of our direct integrations with BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Oracle Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce, and more.

We trust our automated systems to continually protect and improve your data

Safeguard your listings and prevent errors

Rely on data governance guard rails to automatically detect unusual raw data changes and prevent bad exports.

Avoid overselling with inventory buffers

Protect your marketplace seller rating by designating inventory for specific channels and applying stock buffers.

Get it right the first time with quality checks

Use FeedGrader™ to assess the strength of your product feed before publishing it.

We have a solution for your unique situation

Import source data from anywhere

Feedonomics accepts a variety of file formats, including delimited (CSV, TSV, etc.), XML, JSON, NDJSON, and feed delivery via URL, FTP, SFTP, API, or local upload.

Use custom web crawls

We can set up custom web crawls to scrape product data from your website when a feed export is not possible.

Apply custom labels to maximize performance

We can segment your products by price buckets, performance, and margins, or compare the effectiveness of different title structures, images, and more.

Create product listings that convert

Divide your feed into A/B test groups to see which product titles, images, and descriptions perform best.


Automated Order Management Technology

Streamline your selling capabilities by automating order management for the top marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target Plus, and more.

Sneaker and watch product listings and marketplace logos
Sneaker and watch product listings and marketplace logos

Every merchant hopes for a high volume of marketplace orders, but manually fulfilling or importing them into your order management system can be tedious and error-prone, especially when you expand to more channels.

FeedAMP enables you to simplify your workflows, free up internal resources, and avoid costly errors or delays that put your business at risk.

Did you know you can leverage Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment via Feedonomics?

Our automated order management technology communicates with marketplaces to retrieve customer orders and place them into your system. After you fulfill orders in your system, FeedAMP collects the fulfillment information (i.e., shipping details and cancellations) and reports it to the marketplace channels.

This flexible technology powers our full-service solution for marketplaces in multiple ways:

Person opening Amazon sneaker order

Order synchronization

Automate order synchronization for all of your marketplace channels, with no need to rip-and-replace your existing order management system (OMS)


Import orders from different marketplaces into your OMS or ecommerce platform

Fulfillment information

Send order fulfillment or cancellation information from your OMS to all of your marketplace channels


Translate marketplace order data to match the format required by your OMS or ecommerce platform


Groundbreaking artificial intelligence for product categorization

Efficient, powerful, and an industry game-changer—FeedAi™ provides accurate product categorization and improved performance through revolutionary developments in automation.

The challenge

Accuracy of product categorization

Product categorization is significantly more difficult than traditional AI classifications, such as spam filtering, where you only have to classify emails as spam or not spam. In ecommerce, products can fall into tens of thousands of distinct categories.


Our Feedonomics AI accuracy

For the most common product categories, like fashion and jewelry, FeedAi is accurate more than 99% of the time. 

*Margin of Error = 1% (confidence interval of 99%)

The solution

Precise automation

FeedAi is a revolutionary step forward in the feed optimization industry. Feedonomics’ newest technology takes the effort (and errors) out of product categorization, giving you more time to pursue other revenue-driving opportunities for your business.

Blue short sleeve shirt and green shorts


Categorize products within any custom taxonomy, including Google Shopping


Categorize your products instantly, including new additions to your catalog, and reduce feed optimization time by 50%.


Improve the search relevancy of your products with accurate categorization


Ensure higher accuracy than manual or rule-based categorization, which doesn’t account for misleading product terms (e.g. short sleeve shirt)

Our team

Leaders in feed innovation

We are revolutionizing the feed optimization industry with game-changing research and technology.

Feedonomics artificial intelligence team member headshots

Case study

FeedAi™ in action

Tested on a typical Feedonomics client that sells across nearly 80 unique categories. Saved Feedonomics more than five and a half hours of manual categorization work.


FeedAi was over 17x faster than manual categorization


FeedAi™ accuracy

Find out why the world's most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics

Find out why the world’s most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics