Features and Benefits

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Main features include:

  • Automation. Setup import, transform and export rules one time, then the system automatically repeats the process on a user defined schedule (hourly, daily, weekly)
  • Cost, Revenue, Click Data joined with Product Feed. Joins your data so you will be able to search and query your data based on performance metrics, plus you can set a filter to feed only the SKUs that are the most profitable.
  • Alerts. You can be notified of any errors or disapprovals as they occur so you can make corrections immediately without delaying your feeds and losing sales.
  • Automatic Performance Reports. You can schedule automatic performance reports to key team members–so they can always see what is working, or not, and make immediate changes to increase sales.
  • Product Level Reporting. Shows reports for individual product attributes.
  • Export Filtering Based on Performance Metrics. You can easily filter out poor performing products to ensure all your products remain profitable.




1. Full Featured & Intelligent Platform

As a full featured feed platform, Feedonomics helps you clean your product data, intelligently optimize it for each channel’s requirements, schedule updates and feed submissions to all the major sites, then analyze, report and alert you about your product performance to maximize profits.

2. Most flexible – able to handle simple and complex tasks

  • Easily join data from different sources. Easily combine multiple fields from different data sources. Helps you create better product titles so you show up higher (or at all) during prospect searches.
  • Flexible sequencing rules. Feedonomics allows you to freely sequence the rules in the order you prefer–without having to create new rules from scratch.
  • Use multiple variables in transformers. Feedonomics saves time by allowing unlimited data removals and additions within a single rule.
  • Map Any Field. Lets you take any field and map it into any other field in seconds—saving you hours of manually making your data consistent.
  • Assign rules to single or all exports. Assign the transformation rules and data to just a single engine or to all.
  • Custom Parent/Child Variation. You can assign designated fields to both a parent and child SKU to make it easy to track and export.
  • Brand Mapping Tool. Allows you to take multiple brands names (i.e, Nike, Nike LLC, Nike and Company) and convert them to a single brand (Nike), saving you potentially hours of manual edits.
  • Image & Color Mapping Tool. Pulls images into the program making it easy to edit the color field so you can show up correctly. No other platform offers this except Feedonomics.

3. Minimizes Time and Labor

  • Feedonomics includes all the tools needed to quickly and automatically clean and optimize your data without having to learn a programming language.
  • Flexible field mapping with automatic de -duping. Allows you to quickly find, combine and then remove any duplicates so only unique values remain (variations of brands (Nike, Nike Inc., etc.) without having to rename each individual value manually.
  • Intelligent Category Mapping. Categorize and map your products to industry standard Google shopping categories and Feedonomics automatically maps them to every other engine.
  • Search and View Discovery – Before Export. Feedonomics allows you to search and view your feed using one or multiple fields at a time so you can find, view and fix any problems prior to exporting.
  • Query & Preview Transformed Data. Feedonomics allows you to search and view your feed within the application after the transformation without bouncing in and out of Excel to optimize it—unlike most other applications.
  • Query preview Export. You can preview your results before exporting to ensure you have the correct data.
  • Broken link & Image Checker. Checks your data for broken destination and image links–ensuring your export includes proper images and descriptions.

4. Intuitive User Interface

 The Feedonomics user interface is designed to automate the feed process, while still providing easy access to the platform’s powerful capabilities.

  • Linear menus. The navigation menu guides you through the process from left to right in the exact order you would create, clean and manage a feed.
  • Instructional Prompts. Feedonomics provides prompts and instructions to help you throughout the setup and feed management process.

5. Includes 100% Full Service Built-In

Regardless of how intuitive the interface, if not used correctly (like not knowing the color must be in the title), you still won’t get the best results. Feedonomics includes the platform and the service to guarantee your complete success.

Full-Service Support Always Included. Don’t know the next step in the platform? Need to know the best way to optimize your data feed? The Feedonomics support team are experts in feed optimization and management and can guide you through every step.

Dedicated Analyst. Your account comes with a dedicated analyst that will help you through the entire process to ensure your success.

6. The Price Performance Leader

When you consider the quality of the feed (that maximizes sales with the most optimized and clean data), with the time savings to learn, and the reduced time to clean and optimize some of the dirtiest data from multiple disparate systems, with the built-in personal hand-holding support, then Feedonomics provides the industry’s absolute best value.