At Feedonomics, we’re fortunate to have so many incredible leaders on our team. We’re proud to announce that one of those leaders, Yesenia Monroy, our Senior Director of Global Operations, was nominated for an Inspirational Women Award from Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing.

Yesenia attended the second annual event as one of the “female business leaders who have demonstrated noteworthy success and accomplishments during the last 24 months.” By managing a global enterprise team of more than 200 people across five countries to ensure that we deliver consistent, stellar service, Yesenia demonstrates indispensable leadership at Feedonomics daily.

Fans of Yesenia know that this is not the first time she’s been recognized for her contributions; she also recently won a Built In 2022 Moxie Award and was selected for the 2021 RiseUp Academy by Money20/20. Feed on, Yesenia!