Making Memories at the Company Meetings

It’s been more than a year since Feedonomics transitioned to a fully remote workforce in response to the pandemic. Since that time, our focus has been maintaining a sense of unity and engagement with other Feedos around the world.

Throughout the past year, our People Empowerment team has looked for opportunities to have memorable group experiences virtually. In our company-wide “All Hands” meetings, we’ve had a variety of special moments, including an emotional intelligence workshop with Romy Solomon, a performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” by Bri Simmons in honor of Black History Month, and even surprise guest appearances from llamas and alpacas with the Love of Llamas 4-H club.

Onyx the llama

Onyx the llama joins the December All Hands meeting.

Why go through the effort of promoting these kinds of experiences?

“Our All Hands meetings are very important for transparency and for understanding the vision of the company,” said Sarah Weinman, People Empowerment Coordinator. “However, at times, they can be a bit repetitive and monotonous. The surprise guest speakers can help us activate a different part of our brain and knock the rust off some of our routines.”

In our most recent All Hands meeting, we played some improv games with Liz Demery of DC Improv. Demery brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our meeting and hosted a few activities to encourage creativity and teamwork, including a game about habitual thinking.

“Improv is the soft skill side of everything you’ve been doing,” Demery said.

We often talk about the power of our technology, but without our exceptional service and resourceful people, we wouldn’t get very far. From finding answers for unprecedented questions to implementing solutions for specific client needs, there’s some improvisation and quick-thinking required for most of what we do.

16 people in a video call with their hands raised to their faces

Demery’s improv game challenged our listening skills.

Some special guest presentations reinforce skills that apply to the workplace, but mostly we just want everyone to have a good time.

“Fun reduces stress! Having fun at work is also proven to improve teamwork, helps build trusting relationships, and increases the desire to stay with an organization long-term,” said Brett Brawerman, Director of People Empowerment. “We want to create a special work environment here at Feedonomics, and you can’t do that without a little bit of fun.”

Our culture is a result of the incredible people we work with every day. We are always looking for great people to join our team at Feedonomics, so take a look at our careers page if you think we’re a good fit for you.