Zenefits awards winner - Feedonomics

We’ve always been ambitious. Since the beginning of Feedonomics, we knew we wanted to solve really complex problems, so we needed to build powerful technology and put together the best team as well. Zenefits has been a major part of how we’ve achieved our goals, helping us hire and onboard 100 employees in 2019. We’re proud to be a 2020 Zennie Awards Winner.

Our team is spread out across the globe, and continues to grow. With Zenefits, managing our hiring, performance development, benefits, and payroll has been scalable. We’ve been able to focus more on the people in our organization, and less on the administrative stuff. So much of our company culture is based on the principles of successful teamwork, so having more time for face-to-face engagement matters a lot to us.

We are honored to be the featured Customer Success Story here and will continue to go for the gap in everything we do.