It’s time to test your rugby knowledge with some trivia!

First question. Who was the first Jewish player to compete in the Rugby World Cup? The answer is Shawn Lipman, the CEO of Feedonomics.

Next question. Who was the first person to win gold medals in rugby as a player and then as a coach at the Maccabiah Games? If you guessed Shawn Lipman, you’re right.

Final question! Who was recently named a Legend of the Maccabiah in 2022 for his accomplishments in rugby? Surely, it goes without saying now.

Shawn celebrates the honor surrounded by his family and friends

Shawn celebrates the honor surrounded by his family and friends.

We’re very proud of Shawn and the wonderful recognition he’s received. Watch the video to hear how Shawn made his ascent as a rugby player in South Africa and the United States, and how impactful Maccabi has been on his life.

If you’re familiar with Shawn, you’ll notice that in one of the clips, he demonstrates the same mindset as a player that he has today as a CEO.

A calm belief in his teammates helps him lead and motivate those around him.

In the clip, Shawn asks his teammates, “Do you believe that we’ll win this game?” His teammates affirm that they do, and Shawn replies, “OK, that’s all there is to it. The rest is going to take care of itself.”

Congratulations, Shawn, and thank you for embodying the Feedonomics principles in everything that you do.