Announcing Three Senior-Level Promotions to Support Our Global Growth and Marketplace Expansion

We’re thrilled to announce the promotion of three leaders who have been integral to our success! Stacy Williams, Dmitriy Ryzhiy, and Kushal Khatri are stepping into bigger roles at Feedonomics. Their experience and vision will help us push the industry forward as we further develop our online marketplace solutions and continue to grow.

This has been a busy year and a half for us. In 2021 alone, we’ve grown from 230 Feedos to more than 275. Ecommerce is becoming more and more sophisticated, and merchants are aware that a well-executed online presence is vital today and in the future. Marketplaces in particular have grown in popularity with shoppers around the world— in 2020, more than 60% of ecommerce sales occurred on marketplace sites.

Stacy, Dmitriy, and Kushal will help us solidify our marketplace offering as the best in the world.

Stacy Williams

Vice President of Global Operations

As our new Vice President of Global Operations, Stacy will continue overseeing a team of 150 people across five countries and 10 states within the US. This is a natural progression from her previous role as Senior Director of Global Operations, and Stacy’s leadership helps ensure that our customer service is consistently top-notch and everything runs smoothly. 

Stacy was recently recognized as a Built in 2021 Moxie Award winner for her contributions and leadership within the tech industry and her community. Prior to Feedonomics, Stacy worked with companies like Intuit and Morgan Stanley, and she has extensive experience facilitating and building world-class customer experiences.

At Feedonomics, our culture is based on a set of “Legacy Principles” that create an environment where everybody can be at their best and work together to win as a team. One of Stacy’s favorite principles is “Play With Purpose,” the idea that we should always ask ourselves why we are doing something and if there’s a better way to achieve our goal. She works daily on finding solutions to improve our efficiency, and her long-term goal is to scale up our global operations effectively. 

Two quick questions:

1. In a sci-fi universe, if you were part of the team colonizing a new planet, what would you want to be responsible for? 

“I would definitely want to be responsible for its inhabitants, the people! To ensure we have folks with varied skill sets, varied areas of strengths and weaknesses, and a common goal of surviving colonization together.”

2. What do you admire most about the team you work with?

“Without a doubt, it’s their eagerness to be part of a team, working together to not only deliver a world-class client experience, but to empower one another in helping the broader team win! That’s part of our secret sauce. It’s palpable!”

Dmitriy Ryzhiy

Vice President of Marketplaces

Dmitriy, previously the Senior Director of Marketplaces at Feedonomics, is now the Vice President of Marketplaces. Dmitriy will continue to guide our marketplace strategy as we partner with ecommerce leaders, improve our technology, and find new opportunities for merchants to reach more valuable customers. He has been a key player in developing our relationships with major marketplaces like Target Plus, Walmart, and Amazon (where he previously worked in retail vendor management). Dmitriy also guides the expansion of our channel offering as we continually build out integrations with specialty and regional marketplaces.

Recently, Dmitry was featured on the Chinese-language TV talk show 逸凡風順 (“Smooth Sailing”) as an ecommerce expert. Dmitriy offered his insights on the psychology of shopping and the state of commerce today, and how different stages of the customer experience can make shopping online particularly satisfying. 

“Go for the Gap” is Dmitriy’s favorite Legacy Principle—this is apparent in his devotion to improving business processes to deliver a better customer experience and his ever-growing knowledge of the global market. Dmitriy’s daily objective is to empower all departments (i.e. sales, marketing, product) to achieve their goals in line with our broader marketplaces strategy. Ultimately, his vision is to establish Feedonomics as the No. 1 merchant-preferred marketplaces automation technology and service on the market.

Two quick questions:

1. In a sci-fi universe, if you were part of the team colonizing a new planet, what would you want to be responsible for? 

“Resource production and management. How do we optimize the use of resources like electricity and water for events like human consumption, production of food, and recycling?”

2. What do you admire most about the team you work with?

“I admire the collaborative spirit and that everyone is a subject matter expert in one area or another.”

Kushal Khatri

Senior Director of Platform Engineering

Kushal, previously the Director of Platform Engineering, is responsible for ensuring that our technology is stable, scalable, and functional for today’s ecommerce merchants. He leads three teams in developing cutting-edge solutions to make sure Feedonomics continues to offer best-in-class solutions for data feed and order management. Kushal will devote more of his focus to our marketplace product as we push the industry forward. 

One of Kushal’s favorite Legacy Principles is “Create a Learning Environment,” as he has a passion for sharing knowledge with his peers and putting people in positions to succeed and grow. He and his team of engineers architect solutions to complex problems. Kushal’s big picture goal is to improve, standardize, and bring more automation to various software development processes, and build products that are entirely made up of discrete and scalable components.

Two quick questions:

1. In a sci-fi universe, if you were part of the team colonizing a new planet, what would you want to be responsible for?

“Food. I’d want to ensure the best, most flavorful ingredients are grown (I love spices), so that even if things go sideways, you’d die eating good food.”

2. What do you admire most about the team you work with?

“The tenacity of this team, the accountability and the ownership each member of this team shows.”