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Reach millions of new shoppers this holiday season on Walmart.com

As the holiday season fast approaches, getting your products in front of millions of online shoppers will be key to your eCommerce success. With over 110M unique monthly visitors online, Walmart marketplace continues to be a key component in any omnichannel strategy. To help eCommerce sellers during the ongoing crisis, Walmart has developed new programs and features designed to boost your visibility, brand awareness, and sales.

Feedonomics has partnered with Walmart to bring you the most recent Walmart marketplace updates and deliver insights on how to prepare for the holidays and drive conversions.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • New 3-day shipping program
  • How to identify listing errors with Walmart’s new listing optimization dashboard
  • How Feedonomics can improve and optimize your entire product listings
  • How using Walmart’s promo pricing program can help you stand out from your competitors.

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Our Speakers

Colin Madden, Senior Director of Sales | Feedonomics

Colin leads all of Sales at Feedonomics. He loves building teams that push each other to be better. Feedonomics’ core values center around how to build this type of team, and prepare yourself mentally every day to help your team succeed. Colin believes the commitment to WE instead of ME is what makes Feedonomics special — because that WE extends to our clients as well.

Jonathan Perez, Manager of Strategic Partnerships | Walmart

Jonathan is a manager of strategic partnerships at Walmart eCommerce. He focuses on channel partnerships and works with key Walmart partners to build a healthy ecosystem for shoppers and sellers on the marketplaces.