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Exporting Zen Cart Feed to Google Shopping

Exporting Shopify Feeds to Google Shopping

The Process

Zen Cart is an easy way to get your eCommerce store up and running, but unfortunately there is no easy way to export your Zen Cart products to Google Shopping.

We’ve Built a Powerful Way to Get Zen Cart Products Exported to Google Shopping!

Why Use Feedonomics For Your Zen Cart To Google Feed Optimization?

Exporting a Zen Cart feed to Google Shopping should be easy, but unfortunately it often has many problems.

Zen Cart does not support all feeds that are country-specific and in other languages. Be prepared to code such features yourself in order to produce a feed Google will accept.

Adding extra fields in Numinix is problematic unless the field already exists in your product page.

Many people complain that the storefront template is not intuitive and is cluttered. It is difficult to find things within the main admin menu which has 11 different management categories that break down into tons of more subcategories.

Non-intuitive binary notation is used for adjustment structure which throws many people off.

On another note, Zen Cart software updates can sometimes not smoothly transition with custom programming and coding for plugins and integrations. Be prepared to reformat your website.

Feedonomics allows you to dynamically create a Google Shopping feed based on your most up to date Zen Cart feed data, and of course optimize that data before sending it out to Google Shopping.

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