Title optimization and A/B testing proved to be a winner for this popular outdoor brand. Impressions increased by 104% and ROAS by 19%.

Client Overview

As a leading online retailer of outdoor gear and fashion apparel, evo addresses the lifestyle and product needs of the urban action sports enthusiast. They have everything you need to ski, snowboard, skate, wakeboard, surf, and bike.

The Challenge

Matthew Anderson is the eCommerce coordinator at evo. He wanted to show evo’s buying team the true value of using Feedonomics’ powerful platform.

The marketing team at evo is great at what they do, ​continually driving the brand to new heights. The only way to get to the next level is with A/B split tests that are not skewed by seasonality or trends.

evo’s streetwear is not affected by seasonality, so it was the perfect product to test.

Matthew Anderson, eCommerce Coordinator at evo

The Feedonomics Solution

The Feedonomics platform makes it easy to modify thousands of products in seconds. Being able to make bulk changes to a large inventory of products with just a few clicks can help you get the most from your online shopping campaigns.

Among hundreds of other optimization rules, Feedonomics optimized titles by adding important search terms like “Women’s” and “Men’s” to the beginning of product titles of their streetwear range to see if there was a positive performance improvement. As relevancy improved, so did performance on Google Shopping.

The Results


Increase in Impressions


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Value Per Click


Decrease in Average CPC

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