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We offer a best-in-class full-service data feed solution and 24/7 support so you can expand your eCommerce business.

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Feed Audits

We typically find many problems in feeds managed by other systems, including:

  • Does the title contain brand?
  • Does the title contain color? (if it exists)
  • Does the title contain size? (if it exists)
  • Does the description or title contain whitespace at the beginning or end?
  • Does the title contain HTML?

With the best practices, not only can you avoid policy violations and suspensions on engines like Google Shopping, but you can also get the best performance.

Get a free audit on any shopping feed!

The Feedonomics Team


We take a hands-on approach to training because we want our clients to succeed. In addition to having extensive documentation and videos detailing platform usage, we also provide a free, interactive training course that walks you through every step of a feed build process, complete with quizzes and sample feeds as reference.

We provide 24/7 support, typically answering questions within an hour! Your dedicated FeedFillment™ Account Manager will help clarify feed or shopping-related questions.

The Feedonomics Team
product feeds - eCommerce


Are you dealing with an antiquated shopping engine that disallows product exports? No matter how many product pages you’re dealing with, we can create a custom crawler to get all relevant product data.

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Additional Services


Get expert help consulting with our expert FeedFillment™ team on any shopping feed related issue, including shopping cart integration, optimization help, and channel specific help.


Managing your automotive product inventory online and making sure your products are visible can be tricky. We help optimize your product feeds to all relevant channels.

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Real Estate

We are able to extract property listings from any website, optimize the ad copy to be highly relevant, and re-market to that audience while they are in the market to buy, rent, or sell.

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