Connect Your Shopify Store to Amazon with Confidence

Feedonomics makes selling on Amazon easy by empowering you to do more. Let us handle your Shopify to Amazon feed listing and order management while you focus on other areas of your business.

Shopify to Amazon

Feedonomics for Marketplaces

Feedonomics for Marketplaces is a full-service solution that provides product feed management, automated order fulfillment, and dedicated marketplace experts to help sellers maximize their performance on multiple channels.


Optimized product listings according to Amazon’s requirements and best practices


Automatic product and order synchronization between Shopify and Amazon


Data governance to safeguard your business and maximize product up time


Flexible multichannel selling capabilities to expand your ecommerce business


Ongoing feed maintenance and 24/7 support with rapid response times

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Automate your ecommerce business on Amazon.

Managing your Amazon listings and orders manually is inefficient, complicated, and unsustainable, especially with hundreds or thousands of SKUs. Leverage our automation technology to simplify your workflows, free up valuable time and resources, and avoid costly manual errors or delays that put your business at risk.

Amazon to shopify sync

Continually add and update product listings with a direct integration between Amazon and Shopify

optimized Amazon listings

Sync orders and inventory reductions in your existing system

shopify to Amazon product listings

Automatically insert orders from Amazon to Shopify and send processed orders from Shopify to Amazon

shopify to Amazon catalog management

Easily join in data from multiple sources within the Feedonomics platform

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 Optimize your product data and stand out.

There are basic requirements you must satisfy to list your products on Amazon, but doing the bare minimum is not going to separate you from the competition. Publishing well-structured and more complete product data helps you reach more customers and increase your rate of conversion.

Feedonomics applies custom data rules to improve the quality of your product catalog:


Clean and consistent product titles, descriptions, bullet points, and more to improve conversion


Accurate and granular product categorization to improve product discovery


High product attribute fill rate for more detailed listings to improve organic traffic

optimized Amazon product listings

Protect your data and your business.

Spend more time selling and less time troubleshooting unexpected errors.

Feedonomics is equipped to protect your data, prevent issues before they occur, and find solutions quickly when problems arise.


Data governance rules to stop exports or send alerts when we detect issues like incorrect data for key attributes (e.g. pricing, inventory)


Inventory buffer and allocation rules to prevent overselling and protect your seller rating


Order monitoring and alerts to help your team action any potential issues

Amazon order Management from Shopify

Being successful on Amazon takes a lot of work. Trust the marketplace specialists and 24/7 support from Feedonomics.

Put your Shopify feeds in the hands of experienced marketplace specialists who are up-to-date on Amazon’s frequently changing product feed requirements and best practices. 

Let our team become an extension of your own so you can use your time and resources more effectively.


Proactive feed management and 24/7 support portal with rapid response times


Dedicated point of contact for comprehensive onboarding


Expert account management to guide expansion onto other marketplace channels

Amazon Marketplace management team

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