Exporting Ubercart Feed to Google Shopping

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ubercart feed exports
UberCart to Google

Ubercart is an easy way to get your eCommerce store up and running, but unfortunately there is no easy way to export your Ubercart products to Google Shopping.

We’ve Built a Powerful Way to Get Ubercart Products Exported to Google Shopping!

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Ubercart is a great free open source eCommerce platform for Drupal. While it is free, Ubercart does have serious shortcomings in the way of exporting product feeds to Google Shopping.

There are a few Drupal Ubercart Modules out there, but most have no reviews, and were last updated years ago. Moreover, it’s not certain that they can actually generate a Google Shopping product feed in the correct CSV or XML format.

Feedonomics has an easy to use Module for exporting Ubercart products to Google Shopping without any hassle!

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Some Case Studies



Custom Products Client

Feedonomics helps custom art and apparel client increase revenue by 229% for millions of SKUs.

Auto Parts Client

Using Feedonomics, this auto part client increase ROAS by 299% by optimizing the product feed.

Flowers Client

Feedonomics helps flower client get a 3.7x increase in sales with optimization and expanding to multiple channels.