Secret to Feedonomics Marketing with Cofounder Brian Roizen on the Pathmonk Podcast

Recently our Cofounder and Chief Architect of Feedonomics, Brian Roizen, joined the Pathmonk podcast to share how Feedonomics got its start, and how his customer-centric marketing approach has contributed to the company’s growth. When we talk about marketing, we’re usually offering solutions to improve a seller’s performance through optimized product feeds and other feed strategies. We rarely get to talk about the marketing efforts behind Feedonomics itself, so you may appreciate this little peek behind the curtain.

The first thing you should know about Brian is that he’s operated in almost every role at Feedonomics at some point.

This type of hands-on experience has helped Brian better understand the specific needs and challenges our customers face and not only continue to build innovative solutions to solve some of those challenges, but to also effectively communicate our value.

Check out the interview below and hear Brian discuss the marketing challenges Feedonomics faced during the first years of the company, how we’ve expanded internationally, and some of the strategies and techniques he employed to grow our brand.