International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world to recognize women’s achievements in society, culture, economics, and politics. On March 8, four tech leaders from Feedonomics shared their thoughts and experiences during a Women Empowerment panel.

The panel was hosted by Sarah Weinman, Feedonomics’ People Empowerment Coordinator, and featured the following speakers: 

  • Stacy L. Williams, Sr. Director of Global Operations
  • Margaret Tybor, Sr. Director of Marketing
  • Yasemin Gokcen, Director of Product, Operations
  • Yesenia Monroy, Director of Global Operations

These leading women spoke about the challenges they overcame to reach their current career positions, including stereotypes and assumptions that many women face in the workplace. In a world where women are still severely underrepresented in tech jobs and in leadership positions, each of the women also shared their thoughts on what we could do to better promote gender parity as a society. 

Check out the full Women Empowerment panel below.