Auto parts feed management from the pros

Feedonomics joins your fitment data and creates unique listings for each channel

It’s easy to get lost in an endless, rolling catalog of automotive data. There are OEM and aftermarket parts, and each of those parts has rows of corresponding information.

Then there’s the added layer of fitment data. The sheer volume and variety of this information is enough to overwhelm any business.

Auto manufacturers, vendors, and merchants need a seamless way to format product data and send it to the top shopping destinations quickly and efficiently.

Feedonomics has the flexibility to handle complex data setups and the power to optimize catalogs with millions of SKUs. Our full-service feed management solutions simplify numerous data processes for you.

We manage your auto parts catalog while you focus on other business needs

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If you don’t have fitment data in your product catalog already, we can join it from other sources.

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Our platform allows us to populate key product details in Google, pulling specs from multiple fields into the Google table format to improve SERP rankings.

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Our dedicated feed specialists manage all of your data feeds across multiple marketing channels, ensure alignment with regular meetings, and provide 24/7 support.

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Feedonomics processes 13 billion SKUs per day, so we can easily handle auto part catalogs enriched with fitment data.

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Our team can help you expand the SKUs in your catalog to align with fitment data to create one advertisable product or marketplace listing per variation.

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Our feed managers can segment your product sets based on seasonality, cost, and profit margins.

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We can create custom feed alerts and parameters to ensure we catch and resolve errors with little to no impact on your business.

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Feedonomics helps protect distributors’ relationships with their vendors by ensuring that prices never fall below the minimum advertised price.

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Feedonomics can design robust rules to assist merchants in communicating accurate lead time to ship.

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Our team can also build rules to calculate margins at the supplier level and export positive inventory only if a product meets a certain profitability margin.

You’re in good company


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