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Easily optimize and feed your products to Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and EVERY shopping engine and marketplace.


Having trouble tracking performance on multiple channels? Feedonomics shows you performance data across different channels on a per SKU level.


It can be difficult to optimize hundreds or even thousands of products. Now you can make bulk changes to any aspect of your product feed.



• Fix product titles that don’t contain brand, size, or color

• Check for broken links and images in the product feed

• Filter out poor performing products to maximize profitability

• Bulk Category Mapping – map once, and we’ll convert the mapping to EVERY other engine


You want your products available everywhere. So what are the options?
You can try spreadsheets, but you have to start over and re-import every time you need to update pricing, inventory levels, or products (sometimes multiple times per day). You then have to re-optimize using best practices or you send junk. This is near impossible when you have a lot of SKUs.

You could try use some of the off the shelf “do-it-yourself” product feed platforms, but many are grossly inadequate:

  • Too complicated. Some are flexible, but are difficult to use— requiring complex programming.
  • Too simple. Others are too simple and can’t properly clean your product feeds (requiring countless hours of manual work).
  • Too Pricey. Some cost tens of thousands each month, are cumbersome, and still require expensive services to setup. Some even charge a % of revenue, or have high minimums.

And most do not include built-in industry best practices, so your product feeds may still not produce good search results.

Case Studies

Agency Client

Agency client increases ROAS by an average of 184% across 29 clients using Feedonomics.
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Custom Products Client

Feedonomics helps custom art and apparel client increase revenue by 229% for millions of SKUs.
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Auto Parts Client


Using Feedonomics, this auto part client increase ROAS by 299% by optimizing the product feed.

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Flowers Client

flower1 (1)

Feedonomics helps flower client get a 3.7x increase in sales with optimization and expanding to multiple channels.

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