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Reach Snapchat’s 200+ million daily users with Snapchat Advertising

As one of the most popular social media channels with 229 million daily users, Snapchat provides a great opportunity for eCommerce merchants to reach millennials and Gen Z. Last week we were joined by Leah Rudman, Product Marketing Manager at Snap Inc., on a webinar to discuss Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads – an easy way for e-Commerce businesses to automate ad creation, personalize ads, and drive online sales.

Get Started With Snapchat: https://forbusiness.snapchat.com/channelpartners/feedonomics

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Learn about Snapchat and how it works
  • Discover why businesses are advertising on Snapchat
  • Learn how to create Dynamic Ads on Snapchat to drive online conversions

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Our Speakers

Brian Roizen, Chief Architect | Feedonomics

Brian Roizen is the Cofounder and Chief Architect of Feedonomics, a full-service feed optimization platform that optimizes product data for hundreds of channels. He has been featured on numerous podcasts and eCommerce webinars, and regularly contributes to Search Engine Land and other industry-leading blogs. Brian graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Leah Rudman, Product Marketing Manager | Snap

Leah Rudman is a Product Marketing Manager at Snapchat, focusing specifically on Performance Products and Advertising Solutions. Leah has been at Snap for over 3 years, working cross-functionally to ensure that advertising products are effectively developed and brought to market, and has been leading the charge in rolling out the latest Snapchat Performance product, Dynamic Ads!