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A Talk With TikTok About What’s Next in Social Selling

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TikTok Shop is a one-stop, seamless ecommerce ecosystem where users can go from discovery to action in a matter of seconds. As a leader in the space, TikTok jumped into social selling and has helped drive its widespread adoption.

The company’s vision is to enable brands and sellers to unleash the ecommerce potential of TikTok by making today’s most engaging entertainment even easier to shop.

This webinar hits on key aspects of social selling, an increasingly popular commerce strategy employed by brands and retailers around the world. Viewers will learn:

  • Why social selling has become such a popular option
  • How TikTok approaches social selling
  • What’s next in the world of native checkout
  • How accurate product data helps platforms like TikTok improve the shopping experience

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Sharon Gee Headshot
Ben Moore, Global Partnerships Lead at TikTok

Ben Moore is a seasoned Global Partnerships Lead at TikTok, specializing in advertising, ecommerce, and fostering strategic relationships. With a decade of experience in agency partnerships and business acquisition, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. When he’s not driving growth and innovation at TikTok, Ben enjoys exploring his new hometown of Los Angeles, visiting coffee shops, and connecting with industry professionals.

Luke Yamnitz headshot
Greg Resnick, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager at Feedonomics

Greg Resnick is responsible for leading social commerce, affiliate, and marketplace relationships on the partnerships team at Feedonomics. In this role, Greg and his team build partnerships with leading ads and marketplace platforms to drive value to Feedonomics, the platforms, and our shared customers. Prior to joining Feedonomics, Greg spent time building our the omnichannel partnerships team at BigCommerce, and he also spent several years consulting with advertisers and testing new commerce products at Meta.