Amazon Today with Feedonomics

Unlock in-store pickup and same-day delivery options for your business

Amazon Today

Shoppers expect speed and convenience when it comes to product delivery, and Amazon Today helps businesses with physical storefronts provide both at scale.

Amazon Today

What is Amazon Today?

Amazon Today enables you to showcase in-store inventory on Amazon Marketplace and gives nearby customers the option to select certain products for in-store pickup or same-day delivery via Amazon Flex.

The program includes built-in customer service, real-time inventory synchronization, out-of-stock buffers, and capacity-management controls.

Amazon Today

Amazon Today is available for the following product categories:

Home and kitchen
Technology, toys, and hobby
Food and beverage
Apparel and accessories
Health and beauty
Jewelry and accessories
Pet food and supplies
Sports and recreation
Amazon Today

Why sell with Amazon Today?

In addition to providing more fulfillment options, Amazon Today allows retailers to tap into Amazon’s huge customer base and logistics network, improve the customer experience, and promote their brands.

The program comes with a range of notable features and benefits:

  • Use your packaging for all store orders to amplify brand recognition and engagement
  • Drive more foot traffic to your retail locations with in-store pickup
  • Create a seamless customer journey across your online and offline purchasing channels—a hallmark of omnichannel commerce

How does Feedonomics help Amazon Today sellers?

As an Amazon Today integration partner, Feedonomics can aid you in the application process and help you get this service up and running faster.

Additional benefits include:

  • Streamlined integration requirements and access to Amazon support
  • Onboarding assistance from an experienced team and solution provider
  • Automated product listing, catalog optimization, and data updates at scale
  • Real-time sync to minimize the risk of overselling and free up resources
Amazon Today

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