Easily Syndicate Listings on Google Hotel Ads

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Hotel Feeds

Easily feed your hotel rooms to Google Hotel Ads.
Full-Service support 24/7


Full-service feed set-up, optimization, and ongoing maintenance.


Bring in performance data on a per room level.

Powerful Automation Technology

• Automatically advertise all hotel properties on Google Hotel Ads

• Synchronize hotel room rates and availability for all itineraries

• Optimize Ad Spend by bringing competitive pricing data back into the feed

Google Hotel Ads

So what’s the deal with Google Hotel Ads?
Google Hotel Ads allow you to advertise on Google Search Result pages as well as Google Maps. Using a PPC model, users click through to your website where they can complete the order process.
Getting live on Google Hotel Ads usually involves complex dev efforts, but Feedonomics automates the following feeds to get you up and running quickly!
  • Hotel Listing feed via FTP or HTTP Server
  • Price and Availability Feed via Hotel Prices API
  • Points of Sale Feed via XML File


The Hotel Listing Feed is an XML feed of all your hotels, including names, addresses, ratings, and phone numbers. It can be submitted over FTP or HTTP

The price and availability feed provides hotel room rates and availability for all itineraries. It should be updated at least several times per day. You can either send updates via an API, or Google can pick it up using Live Query Messages.

The points of sale feed lets you define where users are redirected after clicking on a Hotel Ad. Usually a POS has a unique web address and domain for users based on country, currency, device, and language.