eCommerce Marketing Tips to Drive More Online Sales Part 2

eCommerce Marketing Tips to Drive More Online Sales: Part 2

What are the best practices and governing philosophies for eCommerce marketing? We received submissions from the experts about their approaches to eCommerce marketing and useful tips they’ve learned along the way. You’ll find ideas for engaging audiences effectively, testing and budgeting, staying up to speed with emerging trends, and other helpful points.

Brett Middleton

Brett Middleton

Co-Founder, Grove Middleton

Understand your customers by asking for their feedback.

Solicit feedback from your customers, not just about your products but EVERYTHING—product quality, how they’re using it, value, website UX and design, purchasing experience, social media engagement. It’s all on the table, you don’t need to send a 20 question survey at once—but have a strategy in place to get these answers.

When your product is right and you understand your customers it’s time to build a solid advertising foundation, then get experimental—your core investment should go to low-funnel searches then into awareness generation and retargeting in social.

Cultivate a following and build your marketing out user first—building a brand is not dead in 2020. You still need engaged followers and a community engagement model.

Your website isn’t set in stone, don’t be lazy. If you’re not using an easy to manipulate CMS/storefront then you need to be using a landing page platform or A/B platform and running tests constantly.

Do something crazy, run a TikTok ad campaign or sponsor a local pee-wee football team in target markets. Seriously.

Frank Gamboa

Frank Gamboa

Founder, Frank Gamboa Consulting

Try to learn one channel before adding new ones.

Are you considering eCommerce marketing for your business or looking for new tips? If so, I have a few things for you to consider.

One, consider how much time and resources you want to devote to your marketing efforts. How much time will you devote to branding vs. direct response marketing? What about organic search vs. paid search? Paid social vs. paid search?

Two, consider whether you will hire someone in-house vs. contracting out the people to manage and optimize your efforts. There are advantages to both, but be flexible, the answer may not always be the same for different seasons of your business.

Three, monitor results. How will you monitor your orders, revenue, and ROI? I suggest daily and weekly at least. There are several tools out there to help you do so.

Four, take one channel at a time. If you are performing eCommerce marketing, you may think of Google Shopping right away. Don’t forget Facebook and Amazon as well for eCommerce. However, whichever advertising channel you chose, try to master one before moving on to the next one.

Five, have fun. Work is hard and full of struggles, but eCommerce marketing is also a very dynamic and an exciting industry. With eCommerce marketing you are combining tech with creativity which is a great place to be. However, it is easy to get bored in any job, so don’t forget to take a break.

Chandrakant Banda

Chandrakant Banda

Sr. Web Analytics Expert, Uplers Internet Marketing Performance Agency

Prioritize mobile and get with the trends.

Focus on mobile platform marketing. Build your website as much as possible for mobile compatibility.

In this ever so fast era of technological advancement, users want information in the palm of their hands. No one opens the laptop to check their mail or schedules anymore, it is all on the phone. Thus, it becomes very important to reach out to them through good mobile platform marketing campaigns. For that your website must be a mobile friendly site and must not take too much time to load. It should be informative and appealing in the design and should fit a smart phone screen effectively.

In 2020, Stories Ads are performing on Facebook and Instagram.

Old is gold, but let’s face it, if you want to be in the race you have to match the competition. In order to match the competition you should study and follow the current trends, as reaching out to your potential users is going to make you profit. According to recent studies, people spend a lot of time on social media just idly scrolling through the feed. This is where firms can benefit. Advertisements on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have proved to be more rewarding and have converted a lot of the audience to consumers. The numbers speak in favour of social media marketing. Also, these are cost effective as compared to full length media campaigns.

Home Page with eCommerce category sections.

There are two questions that are very important for any firm in the B2C market. How do I keep my existing consumers satisfied? And how do I attract more consumers? Well, the answer to this question is in the image attached below. Just the simple act of classifying the products into categories for an easier consumer experience unclutters things not only for the consumer but also on the backend. It makes the data easily comparable, the trends can be easily spotted and analyzed. This is where the big guys spend their money.

Ines Marchione

Ines Marchione

Head of Marketing, Headsweats

Prioritize the basics and stay resourceful.

We all have challenging goals to meet and it’s easy to get caught on the many different things we need to do to grow the business. My recommendation is always to stick to the basics and ensure that we prioritize based on the following must-haves:

Marketing Strategy.

This should include a clear target audience and brand positioning as well as measurable success metrics. This will help us prioritize efforts and funds.

Add value to your customer.

Think always on how you could set your brand apart from the competition. How we go the extra mile on giving the customer more value.

Be creative and analytical.

Test and learn new ways to do things as digital evolves, we need to evolve. Evaluate, analyze and optimize. If it doesn’t work move on to the things that work.

Team work.

Even if you are part of a small company, everything is team work. Whether it’s your department or cross department or outside vendors, keep the communication flowing as well as appreciation and motivation.

Be resourceful.

There are a lot of affordable tools that make magic happen (e.g. helium10 can really help optimize efforts on and platforms like Criteo for sponsored ads in multiple dot coms).

Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta

Lead – Internet Marketing, Kensium Solutions

Use social media to get organic results and advertise as well.

Let’s optimize your website for search engines.

Don’t disregard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you are in the eCommerce business. It’s an essential part of marketing that should fully be optimized according to the search engine.

  • Primarily understand the business.
  • Perform competitive analysis.
  • Do the complete website SEO audit and fix all the major SEO on-site elements.
  • Keyword Research and content development/optimization.
  • Create XML sitemap for Google and Bing search engine, submit in Search Console.
  • Continuous testing and monitoring for Indexed pages, site performance.
Paid (PPC, Pay-Per-Click) Marketing

Compete with competitors and give customers another option to continue shopping.

  • Google Shopping Ads: Do not be afraid of product feeds, Feedonomics would help you on this.
  • Google/Bing PPC Ads, Search Ads and Dynamics Ads, along with Display Ads.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads. Promote your products, remarket to reach the genuine buyers.
  • Pinterest Ads. Promote your product image in several different ways.
Social Media Marketing

Let’s build an eCommerce social media marketing campaign. Have all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, grow the audience not only organically but go with paid campaigns also; it’s an easy and cost effective way to advertise the products.

Enhance the Customer’s Buying Experience

Focus on mobile devices, nowadays most of the website traffic comes through mobile only, so do not ignore, and build responsive user friendly great UX/UI which has a good shopping experience. Recommended to have Mobile App or PWA.

Customer Reviews

Great businesses always have trust with their customers and you’ve got to monetize it, then get a positive review from a customer who’s already bought your products.

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