7 Best Affiliate Channels in Europe

If you are an online merchant in Europe, there are hundreds of affiliate channels you can work with, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find some of the best online affiliate marketing companies and channels to be on in Europe.




Tracdelight is a European affiliate website that focuses on fashion. As a member, you will have instant connections to hundreds of online stores. With powerful tools and customizable webpages, tracdelight is an easy option for merchants to turn to.

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Affilinet has been an online affiliate website since 1997. In 2017, Affilinet became a part of the Awin group and since then, they have grown to work with over 100,000 contributing publishers and 13,000 advertisers.

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Belboon has been around for over 15 years. They have become one of the top three online affiliate marketing channels in Germany. With access to over 1,800 advertisers and more than 65,000 publishers, belboon pushes more than 1.5 million transactions a month.

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Daisycon has been around since 2000. They were one of the first online affiliate channels based in the Netherlands. Daisycon offers affiliate marketing, lead generation, and CPC advertising. The have access to 70,000 websites and 1,600 advertisers, making them one of the largest networks in Europe.

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Ebay Commerce Network


Ebay Commerce Network is made up of several websites, including Shopping.com, CNET, and Consumer Reports. Their advertisements look and behave very similarly to those of Google Shopping’s ads. Having access to so many different major websites and being able to use powerful tools makes Ebay Commerce Network a great affiliate channel to consider.

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Promodeals has been around for many years. They focus on advertising on high traffic websites, reaching out to thousands of people per day. They offer 24/7 content publishing, campaign management outside of working hours, and bring years of experience to the table.




FamilyBlend has been an online affiliate channel for the past 10 years. FamilyBlend uses creative marketing to reach out to young families in Europe. They are a culture based company that values creative solutions and working together to achieve the best results possible.



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