Chapter 1

Improving performance on existing channels


Elemental Eyes has always handled its product feeds in-house, often splitting resources between data management and other business initiatives.

Albert knows the company's ad campaigns would perform better with optimized listings, so manual data cleanup is necessary if he can't find another path forward.

After failing to receive budget for an automated solution from his prickly boss, Galaxia, Albert tasks his team with feed optimization.


His marketers research feed best practices for each channel, while the developers map product attributes into a template manually.

Elemental Eyes has 75,000 SKUs, so the process takes many moons to complete.


Hologram Uploading Error message Error message Error message Employee Employee Employee

After the team uploads updated catalogs to Groogle Merchant Center and Bookyface's Commerce Manager, there are hundreds of errors to sort through.

Many top-selling products are unlisted, so Albert's team starts troubleshooting immediately.


With his big plans for expansion now on hold, Albert sits in his office after a long day wishing for better options.

When nobody is looking, Albert opens his secret desk compartment and ponders the Omniverse Orb.

Ponder the orb

Omniverse Orb
Omniverse Orb
Orb tray
Back to Omniverse

Albert sees an alternate reality that blows his mind. Yes, the mustache is unexpected, but what’s more is that Elemental Eyes is using a solution provider called Feedonomics for product feed management.

He’s shocked because this full-service option exists within his own reality!


In the Omniverse, Feedonomics imports Elemental Eyes' raw product data into its platform, applies large-scale data transformations, and creates optimized feeds for each shopping destination.

Specialists at Feedonomics handle all of the implementations, allowing Albert's team to focus on revenue growth and expansion.

"Stare at the Sun" Glasses|
"Big Bang" Reading Glasses


Galaxia even gives him a high-five!


Did you know

*The average Feedonomics customer sees...

  • A 19% increase in return on ad spend
  • A 15% increase in channel revenue
  • A 16% increase in click-through rate
  • A 14% increase in conversion rate

...across search, social, affiliate, and remarketing channels.

Did you know

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*According to a 2023 customer survey