Chapter 3

Streamlining order management


nervous Albert
Albert's monitor


Sales: 23
Inventory: 77 Shipped: 13 Delivered: 5 Canceled: 3


Sales: 35
Inventory: 65 Shipped: 20 Delivered: 10 Canceled: 1


Sales: 12
Inventory: 82 Shipped: 4 Delivered: 1 Canceled: 4

Shelf Shelf
Shipping boxes Shipping boxes Shipping boxes Shipping boxes Shipping boxes
Elemental Eyes? More like Elemental LIES
I don't even remember what I ordered
I placed my order a long time ago, but not in a galaxy far, far away!

After waiting countless sprints to have the developers build API connections with AmaSun, eSpace, and Worldmart, Elemental Eyes is finally where Albert hoped the company would be nine months ago.

Marketplace sales have started coming in, so Albert must dedicate in-house resources to manage orders manually.

Members of his team have to log into different seller portals to retrieve orders, send tracking info back to customers, and keep inventory up-to-date across different systems.

Albert quickly realizes this process is inefficient, so he downloads a plug-in from his ecommerce platform's app store to help streamline operations.

It's a free, limited plug-in, so some orders inevitably slip through the cracks and ship later than the light-speed that was promised. Customers begin leaving negative reviews on the universal web because of the delays, resulting in a nice morning chat from Galaxia.

Albert hires another team member to help keep an eye on all things orders, which cuts into his paid media budget.


As his dreams of expansion take another hit, Albert consults his trusty orb.

Ponder the orb

Omniverse Orb
Orb tray
Back to Omniverse

Albert really likes the new shirt he’s wearing in the Omniverse. He also likes what Elemental Eyes is doing with Feedonomics.

Feedonomics has automated order management technology that imports orders from different marketplaces into Albert's ecommerce platform, sends fulfillment info back to each marketplace, and syncs orders and inventory reductions across his ecommerce systems.


Albert's team can view all the orders within a single dashboard, which makes for a seamless experience. Even better—Feedonomics doesn't take a percentage of this new marketplace revenue.


Albert also has a pet dog named Comet in the Omniverse, which makes sense since he seems to have more time on his hands.


Did you know

*The average Feedonomics marketplace customer sees...

  • A 21% increase in channel revenue
  • An 18% increase in conversions
  • An 18% increase in clicks
Did you know

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*According to a 2023 customer survey