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WineSearcher is an online tool that primarily helps people find wines they would like based on name, price, availability, region and popularity. The site also helps users narrow down choices of wines and read reviews from other users as well as wine critics.

How to create a WineSearcher feed

The first step is filling out the request form found here If you would like to upload your in-stock wine inventory then you can create a data feed by either setting up a web page or sending it via spreadsheet.


Required WineSearcher Feed Fields


Field NameDescription
Name / DescriptionText field to include the name of the product with a description. It is recommended to include wine color and varietal in the wine name / description field.
Bottle SizeText field to include the size of the bottle.
PriceNumerical field to include the price of the the product. It must be indicated if prices are case prices. If not specified it will be assumed the price is the bottle price. Price should have two decimal points and should not include tax or currency. Example: 20.00


Optional WineSearcher Feed Fields


Field NameDescription
Extra DescriptionThis field may be used to include any further information that would assist in identifying the wine.
VintageField to designate the vintage of the wine if not already included in the name field.
URLThe specific URL address for the product to allow a user the ability to click through to your site. Your address must start with http://


What formats does WineSearcher accept?


XML, text delimited (.txt) formatted web page, or by manually sending a spreadsheet in .xlsx format. They also accept Word documents and text files (CSV and tab separated).


How to send your feed to WineSearcher?


Once your file is complete you will use this form to begin the process with a member of their customer support team: . Your file will need to be updated at least once every 2 months or it will be automatically deleted.


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